let’s get cooking

I’m retiring!  Well, no time soon, but in a couple of years I will!  December 31, 2014 to be exact!  So, to celebrate, (yes, I am a little early in the celebration) I am “Cooking My Way to Retirement!” which is my favorite, or my most favorite next to quilting, and next to traveling with hubby, thing to do!

And if you are following my blog, which I never intended to do, (have a blog, that is) you will get to “taste” new recipes, of which I will be cooking and taking to work for “tasting parties” with co-workers, family, friends, and hopefully you! But, I will not only be cooking, we will be on an adventure of cooking, testing kitchen gadgets, and the best part, is tasting what we cook!

AND, there WILL be giveaways!  The first, of course, in January, when the “official” cooking begins!  You will not want to miss that one!  There’s a story behind that one!!! It involves being first in line at a new kitchen store opening!  It involves receiving great privileged treatment!  So I am “mum” on the item until then, but you will want it! And you will love the color if it! And you will find it useful!

So, in order not to ramble on and on and on, I will cease and desist, for the time being, anyway!  I am sure my 3 or so followers (haha! If I get that many!) will be looking to getting some dadgum good recipes, some great giveaways, and some chances to try out some kitchen gadgets and write a guest post as to their honest opinion as to how the gadget works!

So, I will see you the first week in January, if not before!  We may just have to kick the season off with a Christmas special recipe to heighten your senses and get your taste buds moving!  Not to mention your exercise program in gear for two years of either “keepers” or “tossers” in the recipe categories!  I can assure you that there most likely will not be many, if any, that you will want to throw away!

I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I will!  So, let’s get “cooking my way to retirement!”

Lovin the process!


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