Put Your Apron On & Get Cooking

As a follow-up to the Snickerdoodle recipe, I have a quick give-a-way!  Plain Chicken has a great food blog; if you are not following her, check her out at plainchicken.com!  She writes food articles for several newspapers, and has recently created a wonderful short cookbook of a few of her favorite recipes.

So, in honor of her snickerdoodle recipe that I made and tried this past weekend (and shared with a few of you yesterday),  here’s a chance to win one of her cookbooks, along with this darling apron which came from StoryPeople, (they have wonderfully creative sayings, like the that is on this apron) and this wonderful “California Limited Edition First Press Olive Oil.“


I can’t say enough about this olive oil.  You can only order it late fall from California Olive Ranch.  They only harvest during a short time for this specific, fruity flavored, wonderful oil.  You can sign up to be notified when it is ready.  And you better be ready to order as it goes fast!   I’m on their list, I get notified every year and I order every year!   Sometimes I get impatient and email to find out if it is ready to make sure I didn’t miss out on ordering!   Har-de-har-har!!!!  I bet they wish I would leave them alone!

If you want to be entered to win, just leave a reply below, and shout out your favorite all-time comfort food!  If you don’t have a favorite, or have too many to mention, just shout out you want to win!

Oh, none of the above sponsored this – they don’t know me (but Sur-La-Table in Birmingham knows me by name! hahaha)


10 responses

  1. fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and black eye peas or meatloaf a la @the river with mashed potatoes and english peas! Chandler said Christmas Chicken! Now I’m hungry!
    By the way, I’m out of olive oil 😉

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