Happy March! I hope you are enjoying some of the recipes posted here because they have turned out so good!  

I do believe it is time for a “March Madness” giveaway!  This one is a great addition to anyone’s kitchen!   Hard anodized nonstick 12″ Ultimate pan, and of course, from Sur La Table, in Birmingham, it has the stay-cool handle plus helper handle, and glass lid.  This pan has the high-sided wok-like shape and is ideal for stir fry, sauces, and simmering!


If you are the winner, I would like you to go to  and post a comment under the “reviews” for this pan and let them know what a great pan this is!  

To be entered to win, just leave me a comment and let me know what is the one kitchen gadget you could not do without!  Winner will be selected by and posted Friday, March 8! Good luck!


29 responses

  1. I have a mini food processor thingy that I use all the time. The main thing I couldn’t live without though is a BIG bowl but I don’t think that qualifies as a gadget. If you take away my bowl though, we are going to have take out!!! lol

  2. my one kitchen gadget would be called “Grammy” – she goes great with any kitchen…LOL………or like Melinda said, a telephone and a take out menu…..ha ha

  3. I can’t do anything without my Backyard Vintage bowl. It looks like it belonged at our Aunt Inez’s house. It has scratches and marks on it but I use it for everything from potato peels to potato salad, marinating meat to shelling peas. If I lost this bowl I would be lost.

  4. Can’t live without—-ice cream shovel–it has a blunt straight blade on the bottom and cuts right through the hard ice cream..Hard to find but someone said Sears handles them,,,i need to check that out because we will be realllly in trouble around here if anything happens to this one 🙂

  5. I can’t live without my hand thrown deep dish pie plate, which I purchased in Lancaster PA. It’s great for everything from pies, to my favorite chicken pot pie. Love that plate!

  6. My must-have items is my super sharp knife. Biggest pet peeve ever is trying to cut with a dull knife. My next most needed item is my cast iron skillet.

  7. My Le Creuset large dutch oven. We not only cook the usual meats/soups/stews in it, but also the No Knead Bread recipe!

  8. The one gadget I couldn’t do without is my Ninja …………… not the guys in the black outfits but my Ninja chopper and my rice cooker.

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