I loved reading about your favorite gadgets for your kitchen!  It seems we all have a favorite!  I have so many I don’t think I could list them all!  Maybe it’s because I love to cook!  Anyway, the next giveaway for the MARCH MADNESS giveaways IS several gadgets that I have and love to use!   


They include these colorful juice squeezers, green for limes, (sorry-the green color doesn’t show up very well in this picture) yellow for lemons, and orange, for what else, oranges!!   And, of course, a microplaner!  I love this little contraption!  This will zest your lemons, limes, and oranges like there’s no tomorrow!   And if you’ve never grated fresh nutmeg in your recipes, you can now!  This microplaner is the best!   I love mine and use it continuously!   The possibilities are endless!     And see that brown box on the left of the picture?   You can now cook that meat to perfection!   It is a digital read meat thermometer!  These work great!  Stick that little sucker into the meat, close that oven, and let it cook!  You know it is done by the thermometer that sits on your counter!  Great little kitchen gadget to have!  And you know I had to get these from my favorite store – Sur La Table! 

It’s going to be a gorgeous weekend!   To enter for these kitchen gadgets, just let me know what your plans are for this weekend?   Cooking out?  Doing yard work?  Kids have ball games?   Or planning on relaxing with a good book?  You have until Friday morning,  March 15 to reply,  Winner will be selected and posted Friday morning.  Good Luck and Happy Spring!


14 responses

  1. well lets see it is only Tuesday so I am guessing at what I will be doing on the weekend – if it is nice outside it will be yard work, if it is raining it will be quilting and maybe a movie or a good book.

  2. Well, we have a BIG weekend planned. My grandson Cane will be 5 years old so we are having a birthday party and cookout at our arena. We will have all the horses there that are safe for the kids to ride and we will be riding them all day long! I know it is going to be just perfect! Especially if I find him a saddle that fits him for his birthday!!

  3. Well, mine will be more like maintenance. I mean maintaining the house! Literally……A neighbors pine tree has fallen across three properties, and the top part with ALL the pinecones landed on my back deck. Completely destroyed it……so, tree removal, and possibly making plans for a new one. Also, I hope to finally get my new awning for the front of the house, high winds ripped my old one up from the Christmas 2012 storm. Would love a new gadget to try when I FINALLY, get to get out doors and cook on the grill.

  4. I plan on doing some yard work this weekend. I have already mowed the frong yard, so I will pick up limbs from my back yard and mow. If I get real energetic, I will finish cleaning out flower beds.

  5. I hope to work in the yard again if the weather is nice… and if not, my husband and I will try to do some more demolition on his bathroom.

  6. Saturday I plan to watch Jackson play baseball and work in the yard…..can’t wait to get some dirt under my nails! Prunning, snipping and pulling……sounds great to me!

  7. Well, I pay someone to do the yardwork because of all of our allergies and the fact that im not an outdoors person, so I don’t have to do that!. Maybe we’ll start with pancakes and play around town for awhile. Then on Sunday after church, I have to shuttle “wikipedia” to a bday party. He has more of a social life than we do! By the way, I cooked tonight!

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