Choot ‘Em!

Heard that before?  You have if you watch Duck Dynasty!  But what it really says is “Shoot Them”!   And if you eat a lot of salads, you need to “shoot them, also”.   In other words, clean the greens.   Even if the bag says, “pre-washed”, clean anyway.  It makes for a crisper lettuce, and a better flavored salad.   If I am at home, i like to fill my “salad shooter” with ice water – submerge the insert full of lettuce, whether it be iceberg, field greens, butter lettuce (if you have never eaten butter lettuce, it is a must to try) romaine, or whatever I have on hand, just for a few seconds to get them icy cold, and lift, drain, pour out water, and spin!  it is amazing how much water this thing gets off the lettuce.  And it sure makes it crisp up and bring out great flavors.

Guess what the next MARCH MADNESS giveaway is??  You got it….. a brand new, OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner (I want this…mine is the old fashioned with the pull cord – still works great, though).   


To be entered to win, just shout out if you will be serving Deviled Eggs with your Easter Fair this month!  We always serve them (with one particular person making them each time). AND include – do you like yours with sweet pickles or do you prefer dill?  Or no pickles at all?  I have a recipe that calls for adding Pulled Pork to it – I will be making this one for the family to try at one of our gatherings.  Sounds yummy! Or do you like to add a little heat with some cayenne?  A winner will be selected Friday morning, March 22!  


13 responses

    • And as all of you can tell, I don’t watch Duck Dynasty, and apparently not much “Swamp People”! Sorry about the mismatch in my opening statement! What a crazed person I am these days!!!

  1. Deviled eggs are a necessity for Easter. I used dill pickles in my eggs and potato salad. My family doesn’t like them any other way.

  2. Deviled Eggs are always present at our gathering and one person makes them everytime. Though I must say I do not eat eggs…..

  3. You can’t have Easter lunch without Deviled Eggs!!! You also can’t make them without Kraft Mayo either!! (you hear that Jeff!) I use dill pickles and it is also super with some diced up green olives. I do eat them but only the white part.

  4. Deviled Eggs are a must at Easter, but I prefer them no pickles! I’m not sure who is making them, but I know they’ll be there! 🙂

  5. Deviled eggs are a must. I love them with dill pickles. I will try them with diced up green olives, Lynnie, that sounds good.

  6. How can you have Easter Dinner without deviled eggs! Deviled eggs are a must in the south … especially at easter. I make mine with sweet pickles!

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