See the picture below?   See the hand below?  See what that hand is holding?  That is not my hand.  And that is not my………….iPad mini!   But it could be yours if your number is drawn next Friday, Good Friday!   To close out March Madness we are giving away an iPad mini, and it is so cute.  It is small, it is black, and it will come with a grey smart cover.  



Want one?  Just leave a reply and tell me if you are wearing an Easter bonnet on Easter Sunday or not…… or if you are guy are you wearing a tie, bow tie, or none of the above.  

Remember ….He Is Risen!  Happy Easter! (Winner will be announced on Friday, March 29th.


27 responses

  1. An Easter Bonnet would not look very well with my choir robe, plus the guys behind me would not be able to see well!! No bonnet for me & it’s been years since I’ve worn one on Easter! A new thing for me this Easter…my Mom is coming over & going to church with me!!! First time ever on Easter!!! Yay!!!

  2. I’m not wearing a bonnet, but I do have my Easter dress! A new dress is a must for Easter every year! 🙂

    btw…those White Cholocalte-Almond cupcakes were AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. I have always loved the way hats look on others but, unfortunately, they are not very becoming on me. No – no Easter bonnet for me.

  4. I will NOT be wearing a bonnet or any other headgear. I don’t wear ties either. haha – but I do have a new Easter Dress!

  5. I’m thinking about wearing a straw bonnet — something very casual. Remember the Easter we wore hats to church and got tickled and started laughing…. our hats were bouncing on our heads and Mama was laughing so hard,,, we all lost it that Sunday.

  6. I am the queen of sun visors! Maybe I will hot glue some flowers to one of my visors and call it my Easter Bonnet Visor!! Otherwise, I swore off those bonnets in the 3rd grade.

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