Remember that Mexican Pulled Pork from the crock pot?  Remember me telling you how good it was and you needed to give it a try?   I used those same seasonings and made this…..



     It was soooo good!!!! Saturday night, I took that old bird and washed it good (remember – I always wash my chicken….I’m just that way), blotted it off dry, and placed on my cutting board.  I then loosened the skin from the breasts, around the thighs and part of the legs and sprinkled a good bit of the seasoning mix under all that skin next to the meat and smoothed the skin back down.   Then I generously coated the outside of the bird in all its cracks and crevices (there are a lot) and also inside the bird (don’t forget this!) and then let it marinate all night in the fridg.   Sunday morning, around 6 am, I put it in the crock pot, sprinkled on the remaining seasonings, poured about 3/4 cup water down the side of the crock pot, (don’t pour water on top of the chicken or it will wash off all the seasoning and you will want it to stay on the chicken to season as it cooks) put on the top and let it cook on high for a couple of hours to get it good and hot and steamy in the pot.  Then before leaving for church (we go to early services) I cut it on low and let it cook until lunchtime!  Note – I did not sear the chicken before putting in crock pot like you do the pork  in the pork recipe.

Boy, did it smell good in there!  I let it sit on the cutting board for a few minutes, shredded that meat, poured about 1/2 cup of liquid from the crock pot back over the chicken, and hubby made him a chicken quesadilla while I made me a taco salad with that flavorful chicken on top!  What great tasting chicken!   

Last night I took some of the leftover meat and made taco soup, by first sauteeing 1/4 onion and 1/4 bell pepper along with 2 cloves garlic in 1 tbsp oil, then adding 1 can (14 oz) diced tomatoes, 1 can (8 oz) tomato sauce, 1  can (14 oz)  chicken broth, 1 can mexicorn, (the kind that had the black beans in it) 1/2 cup water, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp chili powder, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, and 3/4 of what was left of the shredded chicken, i would have added all the chicken but hubby wanted enough left to make him a burrito for lunch today.   I had 1/2 pkg. ranch dressing mix of which I added to add some zing to it!  Man was it tasty!   Although the chicken was very flavorful, the extra seasoning is added to flavor the other ingredients or they will pull the flavor away from the chicken.  Remember, you need to season all layers of your recipe!

I believe that the seasonings for the Mexican Pulled Pork and now Mexican Pulled Chicken (both cooked in the crock pot) has become my favorite mix of seasonings!  I must find out what else i can use it on!!!  

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