Christmas Chicken…In April?.

     This chicken recipe was served to the family for a fancy-schmancy Christmas Dinner…and they loved it.  Thus the name, “Christmas Chicken” but it can  be made any time you want this wonderful, flavorful Chicken.  When you have had it once, you will want it again and again, right, Chandler??  Don’t be like me….I used the chicken breasts from Sam’s Club – I think they feed their chickens steroids because those things were gigantic and the family took a to-go box on some of theirs as they couldn’t finish all of it!  Don’t wait for Christmas…make it this weekend…and come back let me know how you liked yours! 

Christmas Chicken

(This recipe is for regular sized chicken breasts from grocery store – if you purchase from Sam’s Club, you will most likely need to double everything below as their chicken breasts are twice as large as the ones you get at the grocery store – also, I have adapted the recipe for a smaller portion cooking as my recipe is for 16 servings!)

8 boneless skinless chicken breast halves

 1 ½ cups sour cream

1/8 cup lemon juice

2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

1 teaspoon celery salt

1 teaspoon pepper

1 teaspoon paprika

1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt (Lawry’s)

1/2 tsp garlic salt

2 cups crushed Ritz crackers (May need to crush more if needed – depends on size of chicken)

¼ cup vegetable oil

¼ cup butter, melted

Place the chicken in large re-sealable plastic bag.  In a bowl, combine the sour cream, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce and seasonings.  Pour over chicken; seal bag and toss to coat, making sure marinade is on all chicken.  Refrigerate overnight.

Crush Ritz Crackers in large bowl.  Remove Chicken Breasts and coat, one at a time, in cracker mix.  Place in greased 13×9 inch baking dish.  (may need to use two 13×9 dishes, depending on size of chicken breasts).  Combine oil and melted butter; drizzle over chicken.  Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes or until juices run clear (I bake mine at 375 degrees).

Yield:  8 servings.


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