Happy Mother’s Day Early!

I don’t know about you, but I love everything there is about Mother’s Day.  I love the fact that I am a mother.  I love the fact that I was able to take care of my own mother in her final days.  I love the fact that my girls are all mothers now and it is great to watch payback! (Teeheehee)  Seriously, I really enjoy seeing the wonderful mothers they have become, and I know that their grandmothers would love to see that their influence is coming out in their grandchildren, and it is because of their teachings and stories and hugs and kisses and hopefully there’s a little of me in some of that.  Enough of the soppy stuff!  

           Time for a Mother’s Day give-a-way!  Because it is Mother’s Day week, as I like to think of it, because we get to look at pictures and get all teary-eyed, laugh, cry, and think about crazy times with siblings, it’s time to honor our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, friends.  That means, if you win, you can keep it yourself, or give to your mom, grandmother, sister, or friend!  And there are three prizes we are giving away! 


           First, you will surely want this!  I shopped at one of my favorite stores, our local Williams-Sonoma, (if they don’t know me by name, they should – they have enough of my money!HA)



This Wustohf 6” Gourmet Chef’s knife will make your world rock!  You can chop, dice, slice, (but don’t slice your fingers) and have fun with this knife.  I have a Wustohf and love mine.  This one is light-weight and feels great in your hand.  I tried it out in the store.  I try all their stuff out.  I have a lot of their table cloths.  I catch them on sale.  In fact, I have a lot of their stuff in my kitchen! You should, too!


       And if you like to smell good, and like soft hands, and like your kitchen to smell incredible, you will love the second give that will be given away that came from Williams-Sonoma also…..



 This hand soap, It’s companion, the lotion, and this wonderful candle that will bring this Williams-Sonoma Limited Edition “Bois Blanc White Wood with Essential Oils blended with White Pine and Jasmine onto your hands and into your kitchen with absolutely beautiful scents!  You may just ask to wash those dishes so you can use the lotion!


           And third, this……..


Cuisinart Immersion Blender – I think it Cuisinart actually calls it a “SmartStick Two Speed Hand Blender”.  If you like to blend your soups, or if you like to cream your potatoes, you will love this.  I have always wanted one, and since I received mine, there’s no turning back!


          To enter, just leave a comment on this post and share a fond memory of yours – either growing up with your mom, grandparent, sibling, cousin.  Let’s go down memory lane!     You have until next Wednesday, May 8th , Noon, to comment!  We want to be able to get these gifts out in time to make your Mother’s Day a little sweeter!  Good Luck and Happy Mother’s Day!  


13 responses

  1. mothers day memory – a card from one of my daughters telling me how much she appreciated me and thanks for all the help I gave her while her hubby was overseas.
    A mothers day memory from the other daughter telling me I was the strongest woman she knows and she wishes she was like me.

  2. Where to begin? There are so many memories of Mama.. how she would wax the wood floors on her knees with a cloth and we would slide across the floor in our socks. How she would starch are “petti-coats” so stiff they stood up by themselves and every Saturday night she SCRUBBED out heads and rolled our hair on sponge rollers or tied with rags so we would be pretty for Church. Mama worked so hard her whole life and was such a great roll model. I swear I think Mama loved Jimmy more than me sometimes -LOL. She always took his side! Mama was so much to us, she did without so we could have what we needed. Oh how beautiful she looked when she got all “dressed up”. I guess I could talk about Mama forever but I’ll close with this. I love my Mama so much and I miss her so much too. I miss calling her 2 -3 times a day just to say hi and I love you. I’m sure she is in heaven and breathing with no problems — probably sitting next to Elvis and Jimmy having a wonderful time watching over us!!!! I love you and miss you Mama.

  3. I remember watching my grandmothers in the kitchen. Each of them would make me a pot of boiled taters because they knew how much I loved them.

  4. My favorite memory of Memom was when we went to the family reunion in South Carolina. I was only about 5 or so and we went to the crab leg buffet and she cracked all those crab legs for me…then she started to slow down and get tired so I cracked my own and she said she wouldn’t habe cracked all of mine if she knew I already knew how to do it!! She was so mad/funny! I think about that every time I have crab legs.

  5. Teri, not only do I have fond memories of my mother and my childhood but also have fond memories of your mother. She and Eloise Hobbs were a pair and always into something. I think of one time in particular when our WMU was feeding the students at AUM BSU and she and Eloise took the food and served it. I made a chocolate cake (and it is really a good chocolate cake). After the event, every time I was around them they would giggle like school girls and made me wonder what I had done that was so funny. Finally, they couldn’t stand it any longer and confessed. They didn’t need all the desserts and they thought my cake looked so good, they kept it and ate it themselves. I think they just halved it and took it home with them. They were hilarious about it. I loved them both so much and loved being around them. Happy Mother’s day to you.

  6. I have been blessed with a wonderful mom, Grandmothers and other amazing women in my life! We still have family get togethers, we still have family vacations, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  7. i remember Sunday afternoon drives down country roads – just us four girls…my grandmother, mother, sister and me – the windows down on that old cadillac, speakers blaring whatever was in the eight track player, heading nowhere in particular…just driving.

  8. Christi, how about driving to Birmingham just to eat dinner and then drive back home. But I’ll never forget sitting in the bathtub during a tornado warning while Mom made strawberry shortcake in the kitchen. I remember being worried about her while she was in there and we were in the bathroom somewhat safe. But she wanted to surprise us with a treat. I also remember how she would blend my food after my go-cart accident. It looked gross, but it sure beat drinking broth for a week while I had stitches in my lip. See I do remember some things from my childhood!

  9. I’ve got so so many good memories of my mother that I would be hard pressed to choose one special memory. As you know my mother passed away when she was only 55 so my memories were cut shorter than they should have been. I do want you to know that when Mothers Day rolls around I not only think of my mother but your mother also. Memom helped me through my pain and sadness by being my sounding board and giving me advice when I asked for it. Anytime I had something important going on I would always knock on her door and me, Memom and GiGi would talk about it. I do so miss my mom, Memom and somtimes GiGi!! lol

  10. When I think of Mother’s Day and cooking, I think of my ex-mother-in-law. She taught me how to cook. We had many, many hours of fun and laughter in that old kitchen of hers. She taught me how to make homemade biscuits from scratch and I remember the time I left out the crisco. We threw hard biscuits/balls all over that kitchen, screaming strike everytime we knocked something done off the shelf.

  11. Coming from a divorced home, my grandparents were my rock. They were the firm foundation in my life when things seemed so unstable. My Granny is the most selfless woman I know – she took us in right after the divorce and made us feel like we had a home. We spent so many summers at her house playing in the basement, swimming in the river, making sandwiches and I’ll never forget going to work with her. She works at Margie’s Beauty Salon and we would spend a few days at work with her…sweeping up hair, putting little old ladies under the dryer, learning how to run a cash register…all these memories will never be forgotten. Thankfully, my Granny is still alive and kickin’ and my son is able to spend time with her. At age 4, he already knows how special she is. 🙂

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