Stuffed Bell Peppers

We had this for supper last night….


It was so good!  My pepper was red – hubby’s was yellow and I liked these better than stuffing the green ones – these were sweeter and more flavorful to me.  The following recipe comes with a disclaimer…….these were “thrown together” ingredients that came out delicious.   Mine (ground turkey) had taco seasoning mix…homemade, of course, (will post the recipe later this weekend)  in my meat.  Hubby seasoned his (ground beef of course) with salt, pepper, and sauteed onions in his concoction.  We both loved it and threw in some cooked rice along with some medium heat enchilada sauce… and there you have it!  Here’s the handy dandy somewhat of a thrown together recipe for one or two – if you need to make more for a family, just don’t save the rest of the meat  for salads like we did.

Stuffed Bell Pepper

 (increase if you are making more)

1 Bell Pepper, color of your choice

Ground Turkey (or beef) , browned and seasoned with homemade Taco Seasoning Mix (add onions if you want)  or seasoned with just salt and pepper and onions like hubby

2-4 Tbsps Medium heat (or mild if you prefer) Enchilada Sauce

Cooked Rice

Salt, pepper to taste


After browning 1 lb ground turkey seasoned with taco seasoning mix and adding 2 Tbsp medium heat (or mild if you prefer) Enchilada Sauce, take out about 1/3 cup (save the rest for a taco salad the next night) and add about the same amount of cooked rice to the mix.   Stuff the bell pepper (we used a red and a yellow instead of the green ones – I liked these better – they are sweeter- we did the same with ground beef as hubby likes beef and I like ground turkey-he added onions to his)

Place stuffed bell peppers (you can certainly make more than 2 by using more meat and more rice if you want leftovers for the next day for lunch or supper) in a small pan lined with foil and drizzle more enchilada sauce over the tops of the peppers.   Cover with foil and bake for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees (or until the peppers are soft).  Enjoy!


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  1. I love stuffed peppers but never make them any more because they are too much trouble & makes too much. Can’t wait to try these. They sound wonderful. I will side with Bart tho & go with the beef.

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