Do you Panini?

I love paninis.  We have Panini Lunches at work.  We bring different fillings and go to town!  I recently had a meeting and served breakfast panini’s and the attendees loved them as well as the working staff.  My favorite that morning was the peanut butter and banana panini.  You can let your imagination fly on these things. 

Because it is too hot to put anything in the oven, because was a monsoon where I was this past weekend, I am giving away the neatest kind of a panini contraption I recently came across.



 I want one. I wonder if it is legal to enter your own contest!!!  Anyway, I love the bright color, (it would go great in my kitchen and who cares if it matches or not) I love that it is cast iron enamel because you know this baby will grill and crust the outside like there’s no tomorrow, and I love that the press fits the WHOLE pan which means there are no edges of the sandwiches left out!  

If you want to be entered to win this cutie pie, just leave a reply and tell me what kind of panini would you create?  You have until Thursday morning at 8:00 am to reply.  As much as we need the rain, I hope it slows down soon! 


16 responses

  1. I got an email this past weekend for “Brads Deals” and the first thing they had listed was a $70 Panini press for $19.00. I said alright, Panini’s for the entire family!! Of course it was some kind of 2 hour special or something like that and I didn’t get it! The first Panini I have ever had was the ones we made here at the office. Grilled Chicken with spicy mustard and cheese!! Good does not describe it!!! I am hooked!

  2. I would take strips of chicken topped with guyre cheese (I’m sure that is misspelled) add Donne sauteed onions and topof with roasted tomatoes. Yum yum yum.

  3. OMG!!! I recently passed down my snack master to my grandson….He likes to make spaghetti sandwiches and these snack masters mash the bread together like a panini…So, spaghetti or ham and cheese for me please! :).

  4. i didn’t think you could improve on a peanut butter and banana sandwich…but put it in a panini press and it moves to a whole new level. love it!

  5. I’ve never made a panini, but every suggestion posted sounds delicious! Sounds like a great way to make a quick dinner after a long day at school!

  6. I love the panini’s at Panera Bread so I would try to copy their tomato/mozzarella which seems so easy that even I could do that one…Of course, this would be done AFTER I tried the banana & pnut butter! YUM!!

  7. We’ve been enjoying Sarah’s panini press since she’s been home from school. Sure will hate to see it go back (and Sarah too) this fall. We love P-dub’s chicken/cheese/bacon sandwhich!

  8. I would love to have that. Make paninis a lot. Not very creative but I love BLT paninis. The breakfast paninis sound like a great idea. Will have to try some.

  9. I don’t make alot of paninis; but love pizza or spicy chicken and vegetables panini. Read some of the comments to get ideas. The banana and peanut butter panini sounds good.

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