If you receive a gift card for a gift, how soon do you spend yours?  Are you a “gift card hoarder” and hold on to it as long as you can? Or do you wait for a sale at that store to get the mostest out of the card?  Or do you head straight to the place and spend all that moolah card?  

You will have that chance to decide if you are one of 3 lucky winners!  And you don’t even have to run to the store unless you want to make a trip to Birmingham (if you live close to me and in Alabama where mine is) or have one close by you to Sur La Table where I love to graze (here’s their link – .   They have neat stuff.  They have neat sales.  I once got a kitchen towel for one of the kiddos (she asked me to while I was there) on sale for near nothing.  And the Birmingham office has the nicest people.  I am in their system.  They know me by name.  This could get ugly on the pocketbook!

Today for the next “Christmas in July” give-a-ways, and because we just finished our Kuzins Kamp that hubby and I do with our grandkids (well some, as we told the 4 older ones they were, well, too old to go this year – one is still upset with us) I am giving away 3 (yes, three) gift cards to three lucky winners for each of you to shop at Sur La Table.   One is for $100 and two are for $75.  This means no shipping on your order! Can I hear a woohoo???!!!!  Any order at Sur La Table over $59 is free shipping.

To be in the drawing for one of the three gift cards, just shout out how long is it going to take you to spend your gift card if you win!  As soon as you win?  Maybe a week or two?  Waiting on a good sale? 

Winners will be selected and posted on Friday morning, July 19th

Happy cooking!


22 responses

  1. I ask for giftcards only at Christmas! I love to be able to hold off until the sale so I can get the most out of them, but sometimes that can be very difficult!!

  2. Usually when I get a gift card I’ve been waiting to purchase something, so I spend it right away. I always have my own personal wish list that I keep. How else would Chris always know exactly what I want as a gift!? He always gets it right!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good sale!!! My sister and I are addicted to Day After Christmas sales. So I would say I would hold on to a card until Christmas Clearance sales if they are good for that long.

  4. one year my sweet husband was lucky enough to get one of the $100 gift cards from Belk when I dragged him with me the day after Thanksgiving. i stuck it in my purse and found it a year later! thankfully it was still valid!

  5. I love gift cards and go look to see if there’s anything I can’t live without….usually I wait until I find something I really really want

  6. well normally I don’t rush out to shop I wait until there is a great sale! Lately, I am having shopping withdrawal symptoms and if I won one of the gift cards I would have to say that I would be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bounce (and anyone who knows me knows that all three of those feats will be absolutely impossible for me to do) to spend my gift card.

  7. I do love a gift card….but if I don’t see something I like soon after getting it, I might forget it’s in my purse, and then I may give it to one of my daughters for an “at a boy type gift”. But lately, any shopping for just me would really be a pick me up!

  8. I usually wait and use my gift cards for when the things I want are on sale or at least use it with coupons. I didn’t marry CouponChris for nothing! 🙂

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