Who won???

Boy have i had fun this month with the Christmas in July winners!  I just wish I could have entered to win because I have wanted everything I have given away!   Please let me know how you are enjoying these items and how these items are working if this applies!  

Which brings me to the pizza baking Breville machine, our last giveaway!  Did you win?  

Winner one………first drawn by random.org…….


#5 – John Hann!   Come make us some pizzas, John!   And come get your new pizza machine!

And random.org selected as the second winner………



# 12…..ryno….who the heck has a name like ……ryno????? What was their parents thinking??????? Surely that’s a nickname or a login name!!!!!! hahaha Anyway I shall get Mr. Ryno their pizza machine!

(And yes, I counted right…..the second post by alafamdoc was not counted…. only one entry per person on this one…but there will be future giveaways where you will be allowed two… or more..entries! Stay tuned!)

Congratulations and hope the winners enjoy making pizzas for their whole families!

Recipes to come, and random giveaways throughout the rest of the year so stay tuned!  

Thanks, all!


One response

  1. My family has enjoyed the plates/bowls/glasses, hand towel and oven mitts gift I had won. The beautiful colors and old fashioned print has inspired me to repaint my kitchen in the same turqoise/grey colors. I have to watch to keep an eye on my new serving set so they don’t “walk” off to another residence!!

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