National S’mores Day…..I missed it!

Did you celebrate National S’mores Day this past Saturday?   Me neither.  I forgot.  But I never forget about that wonderful, gooey, flavorful, messy concoction called S’mores.  We haven’t made them in a while, but with this little contraption that won’t be the case.


How cute is that??? Just put the big, fluffy marshmallows on the skewers, lay the graham crackers on the top rack with that wonderful Hershey’s bar on top of the graham crackers to get soft and there you go….place on your grill and instant S’mores while enjoying the evening stars.  (don’t forget to spray for mosquitoes…I hate those pesky little critters). 

Because I want you to enjoy this great set-up, too, I am giving away three (3) of these to three (3) randomly selected winners.  Just leave me a comment and tell me what you did this past weekend.

That’s it!  Over and out! 

Winners will be announced Friday, August 16th.


Oh, and have a very blessed week!  


9 responses

  1. This weekend was full of school shopping all day Saturday and Sunday spent at church with great food and lisening to the Mortar Creek Redemption bluegrass band

  2. This weekend we had a wonderful time @ the lake. We also celebrated our seniors @ church which I got to help with. It was a fun party.

  3. I worked in my yard, went to Church, cooked Sunday dinner. Oh yeah, my lunch gave me food poisoning….not my cooking…LOL.. crab salad from Publix.

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