Labor Day Smoked Butts…. are they coming your way?

Labor Day is just a little over a week.  What are you doing?  We are not having a big ole BBQ!  We are having a big ole fish fry!  Don’t ask me where our priorities got off to but that’s what hubby wanted to do so there you go.  I will be the sous chef on this one.  I am in charge of the “other stuff” for those who do not eat fish.  And the dessert.   And the drinks.  And the clean up…..and the…. never mind.  Enough of that.

If you live around here, get ready……you have a chance to win one of Paw Paw’s famous Smoked Boston Butts.   He loves smoking these.   He will smoke these next Wednesday, August 28th and I will deliver them next Thursday, August 29th.   Wrapped and ready for the weekend.  Or just freeze them and bring them out Sunday to thaw, and re-heat in the oven or on the grill for Monday’s fun.  Pull them for pulled pork sandwiches, Chop them, slice them, whichever way you like.   You can’t go wrong either way.   

How can you win one of these?  You will have two chances to win one of two to be given away –

(1) – leave a comment and tell me what you are doing this weekend and
(2) follow my blog and leave a comment telling me you already follow or are a new follower.  

There…two chances to win one of two already prepared Smoked Butts by Paw Paw.  And a lot of you already know how good these are!

For those who enter and live too far away for delivery of one of these next Thursday and you are chosen, I have another wonderful gift for you.  So don’t let that keep you from entering.   

You have until Wednesday morning, August 28th to enter. will select 2 winners for the Smoked butts (and an extra winner if an out of range delivery name is selected) and winners will be posted by Noon if not earlier! I’m not sure how long you can stand not knowing who will be getting one of these tasty smoked treasures.

I hope you get a good rest on Labor Day weekend!


25 responses

  1. I will be RESTING on Labor Day! I’ve had 2 of my grandbabies since Wednesday of this week, plus working my regular job. I’m not as young as I once was. After a full work week next week, I will definitely be ready to rest!
    OH! Bart’s smoked butts are the best ever….with slaw on the side!!!

  2. Man I can just taste the butt already… going to the beach and you don’t find good Butts down there and anyone who knows me I would rather have pork any day than seafood… so that would travel very well… know I’m like Joy… slaw would be good… if you haven’t had Barts butts and slaw you’ve missed the moistest!

  3. This weekend I went to work in my classroom. Next weekend I have a fish/chicken fry to attend and a baby reveal party for a friend who is having twins!

  4. I am a follower of this this weekend went to little leage football went swimming all afternoon had a lot of good company I have not had one of paw paw barc butts but I bet it is great.

  5. My wife and I will be traveling out of town over the weekend, but would love to take one of these with us. That would save us from having to fix something while we are away from home.

  6. I’m thinking that I will be a “hay field” widow once again this coming weekend thanks to all this rain we have had this summer. Maybe I could entice some of my family to come eat with me if I dangle one of PawPaw’s famous butts in front of them! That sounds funny! And,,,,,you know I’m a long time follower!

  7. Considering it’s the third week of school at Troy-Montgomery, I’ll probably be knee deep in schoolwork. Ick! I do hope to visit family this weekend and watch the first BAMA game of the season. Rollllll Tiiiide, Roll! I have had one of these famous butts and they are delish! Thank you, Teri for giving us the opportunity to win one of them! 🙂

  8. My hubby and I are going to the River this weekend with his family, then spending some time in Troy with friends, and then Monday Mama, Hope, and my VG are coming over!! It’ll be a weekend full of family, friends, and food!!

  9. This weekend I will hopefully be getting this house ready for Baby Jack’s arrival. Bless his little unborn heart, his Mama doesn’t have a thing ready to go for him! And I just found out on Brooke’s comment that VG and I are going to her house on Monday! I need a little help from PawPaw and so this tired Mama won’t have to cook anything else to bring! 😉

  10. I’ve had Brat’s boston butt before, makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I will be with family and friends for the holiday.

  11. My weekend will be spent helping Hope get things ready for baby Jack and then going to eat with Brooke and Chris on Monday. I’d really love to find a few hours to rest, but that probably won’t happen. Winning a Boston butt would make three households happy at once!

  12. I just may ride in your direction to smell the butts “smoke”!! Nothing like good ole BBQ smell. I live close to country’s BBQ & can catch that smell sometimes.

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