Fish fry extraordinaire!

We had a fish fry for Labor Day!  There was no rest on Labor Day for us……we cooked fish, hush puppies, french fries, and a new concoction…..jalapeno bites.  That’s another story in itself.   We also had chicken fingers for those who don’t eat fish.  Oh, and hubby’s cole slaw.  It’s good.   He makes mine without onions.   I’m special!  And we would be remiss if we left off the ice Cream bar – with all the the toppings.  It was my favorite time, especially since it was hot and this helped to cool us off.

We always have plenty of ketchup to go with the fish and fries, but I make homemade tartar sauce…..none of that jarred stuff for our gang!    Make your won’t go back to the store bought stuff.   I even kicked ours up a notch.  I had one bowl of the regular home made and another bowl I added chopped jalapenos to and boy did it make it good!   

Next time you have some fish, whether fried, grilled, baked, whether it’s shrimp, or whatever, make some homemade tartar sauce.  There’s not turning back.  Kick yours up a notch, too!  It’ll make your skirt fly up!  (or your pants leg flutter)


Homemade Tartar Sauce

1 cup mayonnaise

2 dill pickles (unless they are large, then one)

(I also use dill relish, drained, about 2 Tbsp if that’s what I have or a little more – really its to your taste)

1/4 onion, (or less, to taste) diced small

4 olives (green) chopped (again, to your taste)

Mix all the above, refrigerate, and serve with fish.

(Add one jalapeno, seeded and chopped, or leaved some of the seeds in for more heat to add some more flavor and kit it up to another level – you will be glad you did).


it’s going to take all week to rest up after that day!   Have a good week, everyone!



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