Spaghetti…..or veggies….or both!

With this…………


you can make your favorite spaghetti…….

or you can steam your favorite veggies……

or you can make both!


This wonderful all-Clad Gourmet 12-Qt. multi-cooker will let you cook a lot of pasta, lift out the basket, drain, and you are ready for your favorite sauce.   

You can steam your favorite veggies in the smaller basket, add to your spaghetti or just add your favorite sauce (some melted butter, garlic, herbs sounds good to me) and enjoy.   

Want it?    Just leave a comment and tell me which team you will be pulling for this weekend. Or if your team isn’t playing (they have the weekend off) just shout which team you are pulling for any other time!   A winner will be selected next Tuesday, September 17th.   Have a great football weekend!


14 responses

  1. You don’t even have to think to know that I am yelling ROLL TIDE loud & clear…..this weekend & every weekend during football season (and maybe a few weekends when they are not playing. )ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!

  2. Well, I am Auburn all the way and generally for anyone who plays Bama, BUT like good ol’ Charles Barkley, Johnny Football is gonna make me yell ROLL TIDE. (I’m sure my mother will turn over in her grave over this!)

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