Creole Jambalaya…..Oh Yeah

I need to get out more….since hubby is fully retired, and I am not, he has taken over a lot of the grocery shopping.  This can be good and this can be bad.   On the good side, it saves me a Saturday and I get to do things I normally don’t get to do that used to get taken up by shopping.   He has learned to stick to the list, for the most part, and get the brand items on the ones I insist, (hey, I’m a Viva paper towel kind of gal) and he is free to choose to get generic on some items.   

On the down side, I went to the grocery store for the first time Friday to do the actual shopping, which was an off day for me (I had some comp time I needed to burn).  Boys howdy, have they come up with some new products!   I am so behind on stuff.  I need a full week for just “window shopping” at the grocery stores!   I drooled, I got teary-eyed, I bought some, and I savored over some for a later buy.  I’ve just got to get out more!

I did get one item on a trip out over the past several weeks, that I wanted us to try.  It would be a quick meal to fix, it would use up some extra Conecuh sausage we had on hand, and it would include chicken of which I could partake.   


McCormick’s has a new (and then again, it probably isn’t so new, but only to me…) of seasoning packets “McCormick Gourmet Line”  and I picked up the “Smoked Sausage & Pepper Creole Jambalaya” – recipe and seasoning mix included.   How simple is that?  I did leave out the shrimp, although I did have some, we are saving it for another day.   

If you haven’t tried this line by McCormick’s, you really need to.  It was super!  Just the right amount of heat, all the right seasonings, and man was it good.  I am always leery about “season packets” as I like to mix my own most of the time but I decided to give this one a shot.  While I did not use the Andouille sausage as suggested on the package, I did use the Concecuh Sausage as that is what we had on hand, and I believe hubby liked the smokey flavor it gave the recipe.   I have made Jambalaya with the Andouille before so just pick your favorite and go with it.   But try it.  Or one of their other flavors.   I don’t think you will be disappointed.   I plan on going back and trying a couple of others – maybe their Smoked Paprika Chicken Taco or their Tuscan Beef Stew – hubby would love that one. See which ones your store carries and pick some up. Let us know which one you try.

Have a great week!


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