Bunk Bread Buddies

Yep…..you read it right….Bunk Breads…..and a chance to win a set of these delectable breads.  If you haven’t heard of Breadwinner Breads (and I know some of you have cause you make special trips to Atlanta to visit them!!!) you need to go to their website http://www.breadwinnerbreads.com/ and look at all their wonderful breads.  I’m not talking about sandwich breads, these are sweet wonderful breads with the catchiest names, like “Papa Don’t Peach” or “Better than a Bubble Bath Mocha Chocolate Chip Bread” which is one of my favorites, or maybe you would like “Lemon Poppy Razzi  Lemon Poppy Seed Bread”.  I have grandkids who like to grab a slice as they are going out the door to school in the morning – “that good bread” as they call it.  

Because it’s almost Halloween, my least favorite holiday, (I DO NOT watch all those scary movies on TV) and since we are out, sort of, in the country, we have no trick-or-treaters, we don’t have to worry about candy (except for my next door neighbor’s kiddo and we try to keep some for her at all times) I am going to give away three (3) sets of Bunk Breads (I love that title) which is a set of 2 loaves (and these aren’t small loavess either) to three winners.   Each winner will be able to select the two flavors of their choice and I will have them shipped directly to their address straight from the company.  

Just leave a comment below and  tell me which two loaves would you select for your Bunk Bread selection if you get chosen.  That means going to the website and checking them out.  I know they would appreciate the look!  If the link (you know me and computers) doesn’t get you there, just google “Breadwinner Breads” and you can get to it that way.  


The three winners will be selected and posted Monday morning, October 21.   Happy bread hunting! And Happy Fall!


12 responses

  1. Papa don’t peach rocks! I also love the be still my beating tart lemon blueberry, but I’d like to try the frankly my dear I don’t give a cran cranberry orange.

  2. Yum, yum, Aunt Bea! Frankly, My Dear, I Don’t Give a Cran Cranberry Orange Bread & Lemon Poppy-Razzi Lemon Poppyseed Bread FO SHO!!! Goodness, bread is my worst enemy!!

    • Yummy, yum yum…….I love the look and sound of the “Better Than a Bubble Bath Mocha Chocolate Chip Bread” AND the “Papa Don’t Peach Peach Bread”. I have not heard of this bread company before, but if the taste is good as the looks, I can’t wait to taste them!!!

    • Better Than A bubble Bath Mocha Chocolate Chip Bread and Sweet Home Ala Banana Banana Bread sound like they would be my favorite, but they all sound delicious.

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