A picture speaks a thousand words….and winners!

OK …let me first say congratulations to the winners of the Breadwinner breads…. we will get to those in a minute.  

Have I told you lately that I dislike technology because when I want it to work properly it won’t?   Anyhooooooo, no random.org pictures for you today showing I really did draw from random.org and random.org really did select the winners in the following order and for some reason I cannot downsize my pictures to post all three from this particular computer (don’t ask me why) so instead, I will just post the winners.  That’s what’s important anyway, right?

Winner # 1….. Betty Bozeman – she selected “Sweet Home Ala-Banana and Papa Don’t Peach for her Bunk Breads…Yummy!

Winner # 2…Kevin…He wants Papa Don’t Peach and Sweet Home Ala-Banana also…hmmm…these are popular choices.

Winner # 3…Theodorerex72.…Frankly My Dear I Don’t Give a Cran Cranberry Bread and Lemon Poppy Razzi Lemon Poppyseed Bread – Sounds great!


Now…. if you three will email me at tdingler@bellsouth.net and get me an address to send your Bunk Breads I will get your selection ordered and sent directly to you.  The sooner I hear from you the sooner you get your delicious choices!

Congratulations, and I foresee future orders from you to Breadwinner Breads……you are going to love it!   


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