Owls……how cute can they get?

When I saw these…..I couldn’t resist…..


Please, oh please, overlook the fact that I left the gorgeously cute big fluffy owl pillow in the plastic bag so as not to get anything remotely on it (my mother’s side coming out in me….heaven help me because she left plastic on new sofas FOREVER!) and the cuteness may be somewhat hidden from the shineyness of the bag.

But look at those cute little cups…those are measuring cups! They nest inside each other, and have a little pouring spout on the side.  So Cute!   and the hand soap dispenser or lotion dispenser…..precious!    

So someone is going to get all three – just shout out your favorite Christmas Carol below and you are in the running!   These will be given away Friday morning!  Can’t wait to see your favorite Christmas Carol!   I’m humming right now!


19 responses

  1. I would have to say the only one that I really like is Rocking Around the Christmas Tree!! My mother is slightly obsessed with Christmas, and when I say obsessed I mean over 600 Santa’s, over 100 Nativity Scenes, and an entire Christmas Village!!

  2. My favorite is Silent Night. When Cade was little I sang it to him Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Apparently he loved it too because when he got older he would say Momma sing Silent Night! lol Yes, my entire family is weird!

    • Silent Night will always be my favorite song for Christmas. Going to Church Christmas Eve mass…..magical. The whole meaning of the holiday seems to be in this one song.

  3. Wow! This is hard…I like Silent Night but I always hum the peace peace peace on earth part when I hear it(one of my favorite parts of a Pinedale Christmas along with Child of the Star sung by Ms Charlotte-see i did pay attention!)….my favorite church carol has to be O Come, O Come Emmanuel but for the radio we rock out to Dominick the Donkey!

  4. How could I ever choose one favorite Christmas carol? But if forced to do so I guess I would say Jack singing “Sweet Little Jesus Boy.” You singing “When a Child is Born” would run it a close second. And like Melinda, Pinedale’s Silent Night/Peace, Peace, Peace would be right up there at the top.

  5. “Little Drummer Boy” . . . a little on the sad side though! So, as backups . . . ‘Silent Night’ & ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ (and indeed, it is!!) Thanks again!!

  6. Well, I will have to say I love “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby! My next favorite is…..Santa Baby!! I do have a little “naughty left in me!” ha ha

  7. My absolute favorite Christmas carol, is Carol of the Bells. It sends chills down me every time I hear it and I fall in love with it more and more each year. My mom also learned to play it on the piano just for me so that she could play it upon request. 🙂

  8. My all time favorite would be “Silent Night” but right now I would have to say “Jingle Bells” since Cayden is learning it for his K-3 Christmas program. He’s actually doing pretty good but he does like to “Jingle” his bells.

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