Shopping….are you through?

Have you finished with your Christmas shopping yet? Have one or two more to finish up?  

I like to get through as early as I can so I can enjoy the season…and if truth be known, avoid the traffic, avoid the packed stores, and avoid last minute “what do I get them now?” Syndrome.  Some love to shop late, love the Christmas Eve crowds and selecting gifts close to the 25th.  Not me.  I want to be done…completely done. The sooner the better!

To help you finish up, or get that “extra” something for someone special or just for you, I am giving away two $100 Visa cards and two $50 Visa cards to four (4) winners! Maybe this will put a little “jingle” in your shopping! This way you can shop where you choose, select what you want, or make sure someone has a nice stocking stuffer.

Want a chance at one of the four Visa gift cards? Just post a comment below and tell me if you are through shopping or still have some more shopping to do. Four winners will be selected and posted Wednesday morning, December 18. Happy shopping!- 


38 responses

  1. Just started my shopping yesterday. We are only buying gifts for Jackson this year. But I sure would like a little extra money for sticking stuffers!!!!

  2. I am mostly done, I had planned on finishing this weekend but the snow is keeping me from doing it so I guess I will be out next weekend shopping weather permitting…..Merry Christmas to you, by the way i made the taco salad last week and it was a big hit here……..

  3. I haven’t been able to get anything for any of my family members with my own money so this would be awesome for my Christmas shopping 🙂

  4. if you can believe it, i have not even started. by this time i am usually shopping for the fun of it looking for those little ‘extra’ stocking stuffers.

  5. I hate to say, but I haven’t bought anything for the hubs. Except for Cason and Cane I have gone the cash route!! You know… matches everything!!!!! Merry Christmas Tella!!

  6. I haven’t even started shopping! I just finished decorating the house! I guess I’ll be one of those people out on Christmas Eve….LOL……. things never change! Merry Christmas Tella from you “favorite” Sister! (Ignore the fact that I am your ONLY Sister!)

  7. I think I am done. If I come up with some other ideas then I might get something else, but if not, then I will just go with what I have already gotten. Merry Christmas to all.

  8. I like to get it done before the last minute, but this year I am having trouble coming up with the perfect gift for a few on my list. Hopefully inspiration will strike!

  9. Started on Saturday and man was Eastchase packed!! I had to stop after about four hours!! Hopefully I can finsh up with out havigng to go back out there!

  10. Not very good with big crowds & all the hustle & bustle of last minute shopping either. Only lack 3 gifts being done & they are things that can easily be found. Wrapping is another story all together.

  11. I always wait to the last min and every year I say ” I’m not doing this next year” but like always I’ll be out there with the crowds

  12. I Try to start in June for the big present….but…then I end up waiting for the anniversary (Dec 12) then the birthdays ( Dec 14th and Dec 17th). THEN…I can get serious on my list for the extras

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