Fried Cornbread and Blenders….huh???

I made fried cornbread two nights ago to go with our homemade vegetable beef soup (mine had turkey!).  Man was it good.   I also found out that I think my blender is going out on me.  I have only had it like, 20-25 years.  You think it would last longer than that. GEEZ! Don’t they make anything to last anymore?   The blender issue has nothing to do with the fried cornbread.  Anyone have a favorite blender they like?   I am on the hunt!!!!!!

Now…..for this fried cornbread.  I have always made mine with two ingredients.   Self-rising cornmeal and very hot water from the faucet.  That is all.   I have seen so many recipes using boiling water and tried it a while back and don’t like it as well. The consistency is different.  So this time, back to my regular, good old, recipe.  But this time, I added one more thingy….some chopped jalapeno peppers – the kind from the jar.   Man, did it kick it to another level!   YUM-O!


AND….. I sliced off a “pat of buttah” and added to the skillet with each new batch – I think it gave them a great crispiness and added another level of flavor……(sorry – the lighting above my stove is not the best…if I would remember to turn the overhead light on it may help….)


what do you think???  You can see those jalapenos in there!   Sure was good with that homemade soup(s).


NOW – back to the blender – I will be looking at getting one in the next few months – do you have a new, spiffy updated one? Or are you in need of one, also?    Let me know what you think a good one is…as you can see, I have not shopped for a blender in quite some time.  Have a good day!


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  1. Mine is at least that age too Tella! I’m wondering if I could kill two birds with one stone and get that Margarita machine and use it as my blender also??? LOL LOL

  2. Without doubt, I need a new one! And, if you can afford one . . it’s hard to beat a KitchenAid when looking into such food functions! Have a great day and thanks again for all you do!!

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