Had enough cold? Let’s have a little more….

Slush, that is!   It’s hard to post recipes when you’re cold!  It’s hard to do much of anything when you’re cold!  So let’s make ice cream, or a slushie!  HA! you say…..


I saw these on my “let’s go in and see what’s on sale” visit to Williams Sonoma and thought they were so cute….and have it on good authority that they absolutely do work.   I have never gotten anything from there that doesn’t.  This “Quick Pop Maker” says it uses no electricity, simply store the unit in the freezer and remove when ready to use, insert stick, pour in juice, and it freezes before your very eyes!  Someone needs to do this and tell me that it works! 


And this….oh me, oh my… when the summer gets here, and you have had a day of working in the yard, pour yourself some Crystal Lite Lemonade in here and stir!  Instant Slushie!  Just put the inner core in the freezer (just keep it in there when not in use), outer core keeps hands from getting cold, and comes with its specially designed slush spoon (how cool is that!) and have fun.  


Let’s give away one “Quick Pop Maker” and three of these cute Slush and Shake cups!  That’s right 4 winners!   Just leave a comment if you are interested in trying one of these new fangled contraptions and tell us what you did on “snow days”! Winners will be drawn and posted Monday morning, Feb. 3rd.  


17 responses

  1. My snow days consisted of taking care of my spoiled horses 3 times a day because their water in the barn kept freezing!! When I wasn’t doing that (or sitting there dreading doing it) I was in the recliner with 2 dogs reading a book. I was the one reading, the dogs were just sleeping!! My wild grandsons would LOVE these Slush and Shakes!!!

  2. I’m sure that Chandler would love to figure out the science behind either of these new-fangled gadgets!
    Chandler and I spent our ice days(we didn’t get enough snow to really count) sick and watching movies. During our 3 days together, I also noticed how dirty my couch had gotten thanks to a certain 12 year old and his dog!!!

  3. Tried to stay inside mostly but on day two I got cabin fever and when outside with the kidso….. we ride our four wheeler about 1 1/2 miles to my boss house to check on him.

  4. My baby sister and I took a long walk through our snow covered cow pasture. Of corse she made a snow angel. We ran around just to run through the fluffy snow. We were just happy it wasn’t ice this year! But that slush and shake would be super cool. 🙂

  5. These look perfect for hot summer days! When the snow came we played in it a little but we mostly just enjoyed looking at it. Glad to see all the freezing weather pay off!

  6. My kids love slushies so they would definitely be used often here. I enjoyed watching my kids play in the snow. They made a snowman and snow angels things I did every winter as a little girl growing up in W.V. My kids have been raised in Ga so when we get snow here it’s always exciting for me to watch them get excited and have fun in it!

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