CORRECTION: I think I listed a number below wrong – I listed Winner- #2 – Lynnie and should have put Winner- #3 – Lynnie – sorry – I hit the wrong number button when typing but the winner was correct – sorry for the confusion and because someone (and you know who you are) found the mistake, guess what? You are going to get one of these ZOKU cups also! WOOHOO! Ain’t life good!!!

Let’s forego pictures of since we have 4 winners today –

let’s just list winners…..

Winner of the Zoku Quick Pop Maker – (makes pops fast…or so it says…and I want to know cause I want one!  #1-Grandma Appleton!

and the three winners that win one Sluch and Shake maker – I want to know how these do cause I want one of these, too!

Winner -#16 – Tibi

Winner- # 7 – Kevin

Winner -# 2- Lynnie

Yea, y’all!   After the weather we had yesterday you may be wishing you had one of these to use!  Crazy weather!

Hope you had a great weekend!  I made Chicken Pot Pie!  Recipe coming!  

Congrats winners – I will get in touch with all of you to get your little treats to you this week! And don’t forget to let me know how they work!


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