Thursday Flash Giveaway

Quick – if you want one of these cuties, sign up today – cause in the morning they are given to someone!  This is a 


which means, now you see it, now you don’t.

I was in the local Family Christian Bookstore the first of the week and could not pass up these cute kitchen gadgets they had and thought they would make a cute quick giveaway to brighten up the week. 



How cute is this?  Each time you stir with this spatula you will be reminded of one of my favorite scriptures “Taste and see that the Lord is good”. And how true that is.  Along with it comes this brightly colored paisley pot holder and a cute note pad – perfect for jotting down that grocery list.  Love the colors….just in time for Spring.


This second quick flash giveaway has all you birdwatchers in mind…


Two cute dish towels and matching pot holder with another dish towel tucked in! And don’t forget the little box with 3 kitchen dish cloths. Love the birds.

And finally, we can’t get away without getting Ms. Kay from Duck Dynasty involved.


Here’s her cookbook along with these adorable salt and pepper shakers.   I couldn’t resist these.  Too, too cute!  Takes you back to the diner days.   I flipped through the cookbook and man, the recipes.   You will love it.  

Want to get in on today’s flash giveaways?   You have only today to get in – winners posted in the morning (Friday morning).  Just leave me a comment and tell me your weekend plans.

And don’t forget, I do ship these items to you.

Have a great “chilly” day!


17 responses

  1. My dad and I are taking my nephew to his first Alabama Basketball game!! We are leaving Saturday and heading to Tuscaloosa to watch the Tide beat Auburn!!

  2. My weekend plans are to go grocery shopping and then bake this weekend by the way the carrot cake cookies were out of this world, I did frost them with cream cheese frosting, and in this house they were a huge hit……….Thanks so much for your recipes I have made many of them and it has added some spice back into my cooking….Thanks again
    P.S. The zoku is a huge hit with the grandkids they love adding fruit and making there own pops….Cassie

  3. I have BIG plans Saturday with an old friend of mine that I have not seen in about 2 years. The 2 of us are headed on a road trip to attend a rodeo, something we both love and have missed it being a part of our lives for the last few years. I hope we do not get into too much trouble! David said we do not own any property in that county and he will not post a cash bond for us so we had better be good! Hmmm? Can you believe he said that about 2 old ladies.

  4. I plan on relaxing this weekend and practicing the clogging moves I just learned:) Lynn we know how much trouble you can get into. I do hope you have fun. You deserve a girl’s day out.

  5. Since it’s the first Saturday, we’ll be hauling junk to the trash pick up at an area school. I’m excited to get rid of LOTS of junk! (… so Vic and I can go to another storage unit auction in May – ha!)

  6. Unpacking ….. much overdue, I need to add …… boxes and rearranging at my place . . . and getting ready to adopt a few fish for my 8 yr. old daughter (Santa’s two gerbils were just the tip on the animal-love iceberg at Daddy’s place)! (smile)

    I am in agreement with Ms. Cassie . . . the carrot cake cookies were delicious! Going to do the chili relleno casserole soon! Thanks again!!

  7. Starting Friday nite, taking my grand daughter to the ballet downtown, Saturday Morning I go to the YMCA for ZUMBA!!!!!….usual chore morning, put a boston butt on the smoker. Sunday, chruch, then I want to take the grand son to the Zoo, and get my dogs to the dog park!!

  8. This weekend I plan on taking off to Dahlonega, GA to spend some time with my grandparents! Even though my siblings and I are now young adults they still love to spoil is!!

  9. This weekend my family and I are going to go to our grandparents house to hang out with them. Hopefully the weather will be sunny and warm 🙂

  10. My weekend plans include Jackson’s last hockey game of the season!! Good part is we get to play where the big boys (aka Cottonmouths) play! Then headed to Montgomery!

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