Happy April Fool’s Day! No Joke on this Giveaway

One of the grandsons is away at college and while we miss seeing him, on today, it could be a good thing.  Because if he were here, there surely would be a prank on his grammy.   He does love to try and prank his grammy on April 1 and always could pull one off.  What can I say – I am quite gullible. 

That’s the last thing I want to do on April Fools Day is get pranked!   But I am excited because Le Creuset is releasing their three new colors today….. Mineral Blue, Sisal, and Cotton.   They are so pretty and are a Matte color and if you haven’t seen them you need to!



This little set of three is so cute and has all three colors in it! These 8 ounce sizes are perfect for French onion soup – brown off that cheese and dig in! 

I love this 3 qt round casserole in their Stoneware line – this little baby will go in the freezer, the oven, the microwave, the dishwasher and is a great size for that pot pie, those veggie casseroles, and cobblers.  And this comes in the three new colors.



Today, because it is April 1st, and because someone may have played a joke on you (teeheehee) I am giving away 1 (3 piece set) of the 8-ounce mini cocottes (has one of each color!) and I am giving away three(3) of the 3-quart round casseroles in the stoneware line – one in each color!    That means 4 of you have the chance to win!  

To be in the drawing to win one of the 4 Le Creuset prizes, just leave a comment and tell us if you were “pranked” or if you “pranked” someone!  Winners will be drawn Thursday morning, April 3rd so hurry and comment. Have a great and fun April 1st!


24 responses

  1. I haven’t pranked anyone this year (yet) but my favorite one was a few years ago on my roommate. We had identical cars and parked in our own “spot” as not to block our other roommate. After she went to bed on March 31, my other roommate and I switched the two cars so that when she went to unlock it the next morning, nothing would happen. It worked great, she was very confused for a short period of time. I did feel bad, though, that it was raining while she was standing out in the driveway with the confused look on her face. But, she laughed about it and forgave me. 🙂

  2. LOL . . . good one, Charlotte (and hey, the rain just adds to the flavor)! No pranks here – just hoping all pranksters stay clear of me?! Thanks!!

  3. Tella, you have known me a VERY long time so you know that someone will definitely be pranked today. Haven’t decided yet if it will be at 19 S. Jackson or 100 Franson Road. LOL

  4. I was once the Queen of Pranks! I once filled a lady’s office with helium balloons for her birthday, taped them to her chair, and made sure she couldn’t walk in without stepping on them, too. Such fun! At the end of the day, I gave her an X-acto blade and let her pop them all! I’m not a mean prankster, just a fun one! 🙂

  5. Well last month I put a fog horn under my bosses chair and waited for him to come to work. I told him that I needed him to sit in his chair so that I could take his picture for a press report…… when he sit down and he looked like a bob-boil head….. I have it all on tape and we watch it daily just to laugh.

  6. I got pranked at work. It wasn’t intentional but we didn’t have any swabs and I ran all over town looking for one and guess what..,they were in our box at work! Oh and I absolutely love these bowls!!!!

  7. I pranked my ENTIRE class! I gave my class some Brown-e’s as a treat(I gave hem real one’s right before they loaded the bus-I guess I pranked the parents too!) The looks on those little faces were priceless! Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t video it because they didn’t look or sound so innocent! What a fun day!

  8. I wasn’t pranked but I tried to get some of the Dr’s to text the CEO of the hospital we joined and tell them “April’s Fool” we were joking about being partners! None of them would do it!!! Guess it could have backfired on us!

  9. My husband pranked me & told me that the road that I travel to work on was under construction & that I would have to go the long way into work. Needless to say I was not very happy because we leave @ 5:00 am.

  10. So far no pranks have been pulled which is surprising considering my boyfriend and kids are always joking or playing around.

  11. I almost got pranked by the internet but i remembered what day it was. But i dont do pranks. Mainly because i dont like to be pranked! Lol

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