Almond Chicken Salad –

We all have favorite places to eat/purchase our chicken salad.  And we all have our favorite recipes and variations in making our homemade chicken salad.   I love Chicken Salad Chic Jalapeno Holley Chicken Salad with those chopped up jalapenos (those sliced kind from a jar usually used on nachos, i do believe).  

The recipe below has been made numerous times and served numerous times for showers, luncheons at work, and well, just plain eating.  Now, while it isn’t my husband’s favorite (not enough of the fluff in it like the old fashioned recipes) and when my mother was alive, i can tell you hands down, she did not like it. If it didn’t have her boiled eggs and a little chopped onion, and a smidgen of pickles in it, well, it just wasn’t chicken salad!  I really think she just wanted to give me a hard time! (teeheehee)

Try it and see how you like it.  If you like a clean, fresh take on Chicken Salad to have on hand to eat for a lunch with some fresh fruit and maybe some of those good sliced tomatoes on the side, serve a scoop of this on a bed of mixed greens or on a beautiful butter lettuce leaf and some side crackers of your choice.  

And remember, this recipe can certainly be adapted to your taste, a little more of this, a little less of that.


Almond Chicken Salad

2 half chicken breasts, cooked or 4 split breasts

2 celery stalks, chopped

2 Tbsp. fresh parsley, chopped

1 Tsp. fresh lemon juice, or more for taste (doesn’t hurt to zest a little of the lemon before squeezing either!)

1/4 cup almonds, chopped

Mayonnaise just to moisten

Salt and pepper to taste

Cook chicken breasts.  Chop, tear or pulse chicken in food processor (depends on what texture you like yours – i pulse mine in food processor). Add to bowl for mixing.  Chop celery stalks fine and add to chicken in bowl (you can pulse in food processor also to desired consistency).  Finely chop parsley (or you can again throw it in the food processor toward the end of chopping the celery and pulse it to desired consistency-you don’t want to puree the parsley – you want it in a fine chop consistency) and add to bowl.  If you purchase the almonds already chopped you can just add to the bowl or if you want a smaller chop, throw them in the food processor and pulse a few times and throw them in the bowl.   Add lemon juice and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.   Mix in a small amount of mayonnaise and toss to mix.   Use your judgment as to how much mayonnaise to add.  You only want just enough to moisten.   


The lemon and parsley in the recipe is what gives it such a fresh taste, and with the crunch from the celery and almonds, well, its just plain delicious and separates it from the others.  Hope you choose to make it and enjoy some!


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