It’s a Test, I tell ya……

I have a couple of recipes I want to share but are testing them first.  I can’t give y’all anything that’s not fit to eat!  Mercy.   

So in the mean time, let’s give something away.   It’s getting close to Mother’s Day, and for those who still have their Mothers around, that’s so precious.   Remember that, because what my mama always said, “you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone.”  Little did she know she had literally said the words of a future country song.  She’d be so proud!   But the important thing, she was right.   Dead on, right.  

While she has been gone 8 years this July, (wow!) I still find myself wanting to pick up the phone and tell her funny stories of an incident.  Or wishing she had been sitting on the patio this past Sunday when that bird decided to land on my head and start scrimmaging around to see if it wanted to pull a few hairs for (1) a nest or (2) just go ahead and make its nest right then and there!   Where’s the camera when you need one? Right?  


Back to Mother’s Day – and give-a-ways.  Since it is getting close to Mother’s Day, I want to give you a chance to either make yours a little brighter or be able to shop to make your mom’s (or wife or sister or friend or whomever you choose) a little brighter.  So, if you are chosen, the first selected winner will win a $100 Target Gift Card, and the next two selected winners will win $50 gift cards each.  That’s right – three Target Gift Cards – one $100 gift card and two $50 gift cards.

Want to be in the drawing?   Just leave a Comment below and tell us what you will be doing on Mother’s Day, which by the way is Sunday, May 11th.     You will have until Monday, May 5th to leave a comment.  3 winners will be selected and posted Monday.

Have a great rest of the week and try and stay dry.


26 responses

  1. I am having the mothers in my family over for Mothers day Lunch. We usually take the Grand kids to the zoo that morning and lunch after.

  2. I’ll be spending Mother’s Day with my Mama this year! This will be the first Mother’s Day I’ll be able to celebrate as well, so it is sure to be special 🙂

  3. My guess is the I will be spending Mother’s Day with my two sweet sons….and being that they are typical teenage boys…..I will do all the cooking and cleaning as usual….:)….but wouldn’t trade it for the world……Life is good!!….Happy Mother’s Day to All….:)

  4. Our plans consist of going to church…basically all day. I’m doing nursery that morning but good thing is my son is helping me! Then we will have a lunch afterwards and start our 3 day revival!!!! I can’t wait!

  5. Looking forward to a day in bright sunshine (hopefully) with my Mom as well . . . ! My Mom’s Mother passed away 8 years ago as well . . . time on this earth is most certainly insufficient – so, be sure to spend it with those you love!! Happy Mother’s Day to all . . !!

  6. Mothers Day this year is on my son Cade’s birthday! He will be 31! So,,,,,,,,,I’m kind of thinking that the day will focus on him more so than me! Of course, I am the queen of my castle so I may make sure I get some attention also!

  7. What else do mother’s do? I’ll probably be finishing the laundry and getting ready for the next week. Since it’s the end of the school year, I’m always busy on the weekend. Maybe, I can get the boys to do the laundry????

  8. I will have a busy weekend with children & grands & two graduation parties. Teri, I miss your mother too. No matter how bad I felt I always felt better after being around her. She was a hoot & add Mrs Hobbs into the mix you never knew what you would get. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  9. I will go to Church – I love our Mother’s Day service every year. We have a special prayer for people who have been trying to get pregnant and haven’t been successful. We pray over them and every year we have a “miracle baby story”. God is so good! The rest of the day I hope to spend with my family!

  10. I hope we will be having lunch with our son and his wife we love to spend time with them we don’t get to very much Happy Mothers Day

  11. I plan to start my Mother’s Day at Sunday School and Church. Afterwards, I can’t say for sure, for I don’t know yet. Probably my girls will come up and we will enjoy each other’s company for awhile. Nothing better if you askk me! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  12. I just love my mom!! So this mothers day we will hopefully be enjoying the sunshine and celebrating the best mom in the world!!

  13. My sister and I have planned a surprise for Mom. We are meeting at Mom’s house on Saturday and going out for a special dinner. Then we’re having a mother/daughter spend the night party! (Mom thinks only one daughter is coming-the surprise is both of us will be there!)On Mother’s Day, we will attend church together, have a light lunch somewhere before returning home.  Mom will be 84 in June and is still very active! God is GOOD! Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!


  14. I plan on spending Mother’s Day with my beautiful mother, I am so thankful she has made a full recovery after being so sick this past year. So thankful that she is still in my life. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!

  15. I will be sitting back enjoy my day off… husband is going to cook steaks on the grill and my kidso are going to start packing for our vacation….walt disney here we come

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