Grilling? Here’s the rub…

Seriously.  Here’s the rub…..

Smokehouse rub…Steakhouse rub…Ultimate Roast chicken rub…



Chipotle Spicy rub….Chili Lime rub….Diavolo Rub…..



You want these.   They came from Williams-Sonoma.  And man, do they smell incredible.   And man, if they came from Williams-Sonoma, I can attest that they are good.  I have used their rubs, even though I like to make my own, theirs are top notch, easy when you want to save some time, and try different flavors, and are just plain good.  They help you to create some fantastic dishes, lets you experiment using them on all kinds of meats, and don’t forget, grilled veggies – add a little olive oil on veggies, put some of the rub on it, and there you go!  Unique, flavorful, healthy grilled veggies.

Lavon, cuz, you need this steakhouse rub.   And a meat thermometer.   Maybe that would help your cooking situation.  I have a cousin who says she can’t cook.  If you are having a steak dinner with her, you get it two ways according to her.   It either will “moo” at you, or it will come “flambayed” or “on fire” – literally.   She says she gets distracted.  There’s just so much on TV to distract a person when they try to cook that stuff just don’t work out!  I just don’t understand…….And her tea!! She says her mom and sis pulls it out when they come over and have “tea tasting” time and when they find hers that she made, they pour it out!!haha – There’s help, Lavon -“my name is Lavon, and I can’t cook” – maybe an intervention needs to be planned for you! teeheehee

Well, these MAY help her – that and an “off” button on her remote!  Anyway, if you want a set of these, get in on the give-a-way!  Someone will win one set of the smokehouse, steakhoue and ultimate roast chicken rubs, and one other wil wint the chipotle, chili lime, and diavolo rubs.  Just leave me a comment and tell me what the last thing was you either cooked/grilled/baked.  Two winners will be selected Monday morning, May 19th and posted.   Happy weekend!


16 responses

  1. On Mother’s Day we grilled some boneless, skinless chicken breasts that were awesome. We also put some sausage on the grill with it. Even though I burnt one of the pieces of chicken, I ate it, and even it was tender and juicy. We use the smokehouse rub on our chicken, and it truly is wonderful.

  2. The last thing that i Baked was Muffins for the kidso……. Last thing I grilled was Bar-B-Q bread and the thing I cooked on the stove top was Soup. We are going to be going camping soon and I will be doing more cooking than….. Also my husband is a wonderful cook.

  3. Don’t grill much any more or cook either for that matter. Last thing I cooked was Quick BBQ pork chops (in the oven), Italian roasted new potatoes, purple hull peas, & yeast rolls. But I still love Williams Sonoma.

  4. The last thing we grilled was rib eye steak. We are predominately beef eaters around our house. Last night I cooked stuffed peppers and they were wonderful. Does it matter that Mr. & Mrs. Stouffer helped me????? I don’t think it should…….

  5. If I were to win, I will give whatever I get to Lavon! I find that I’m losing my kitchen & grilling touch as I’m spending very little time in the kitchen.

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