Smokin ……Grillin….Eatin….for these winners

Congrats to…..

Winner #1


#9 – Rebecca – who wins the first set of spices of the Smokehouse,Steakhouse and Ultimate Chicken rubs!

And Winner #2


#1- Disney World Diva – who gets the Chipotle, the Chili Lime, and the Diavolo – 

Can we give them all a Woohoo!  Better yet, let’s go to their house for a grilling party!  Congrats, winners and I will get in contact with you to get your rubs to you!  Have a great week!  The weather is supposed to be beautiful.



One response

  1. OK, it’s your cousin LaVon here. It was a night for grilling steak and I was determined to get it right. So I put the steak on the grill and came in and checked the time. Then I started washing the butter beans and got them ready to blanch. Next thing you know I look over at the clock and run for the grill. My steak was on fire; tonight chargrilled. Sadly I am starting to like my steak this way. Fortunately you can’t mess up sliced tomatoes. Haha Squash and zucchini turned out good. Love ya LaVon

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