The Best of…….

Since I have been so very very busy at work and am winding down from two state meetings this week, I thought I would list “a few of my favorite things” (name that tune!). If you haven’t just logged in to the web page of my cooking blog and “looked around”, go ahead – have some fun.  You might find a recipe you haven’t seen.   

I went back and reviewed some of the categories and here’s some of my favorites, but not all of them and in no particular order..

1.  Homemade taco seasoning mix – I don’t run out of this stuff.   If I am getting low, out comes the jars and a new double batch is made up and put back in my jar.   It’s not just for tacos.   I use it on my scrambled eggs, use it for ground turkey and then make taco salad, taco soup, the possibilities are endless.   Makes a great grilled chicken breast.

2.  Marinated Turkey – oh my – make this, shred and eat – makes great sliders, eats great just as is – and on a salad – or make a hoagie, or a wrap.  Try it – I promise you will like it.

3.  Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes – another one of my favorites.   I don’t know what it is about this recipe, but the flavors just work. That’s all.

4.   Mexican Rice – I could eat nothing but this and be totally content.   So easy and so good.

5.  Brian’s Bread – once you start eating this stuff, you won’t stop.   Trust me on this.   Neither will anyone else so make your own private loaf and hide it!

6.  Taco Soup – new version – Great recipe – tastes great – and can be changed to your way of thinking.

7.  Jalapeno Lime Slaw – my new best friend.   This stuff would make the best “food truck” food!   Serve it on the side, or serve it on a taco, or serve it on a burger or on a dog.   I’m making some this week.   No two ways about it.

8.  Christmas Chicken – I had to include this one as it has become a favorite if the peeps – what a great dish.


Well, those are my favorites.    Have you come across one that you seem to like?  Now that the meetings are over I can start back experimenting and posting new/old/revised recipes and some more fun price contests. Stay tuned. It’s good to be back -and oh,  Have a great week!  


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