Veggie Dip

In the quest to eat healthier, one item I enjoy are the Laughing Cow cheese triangles in the various flavors.
photo (44)
I had gotten a double pack (only because they came that way) this past week and decided to make my very own veggie dip out of several of them rather than using cream cheese, since the laughing cow wedges are an item I can have. I had also gotten a package of those baby tri-colored bell peppers that are so sweet and good. I use these on salads, and just to eat right out of the package. The great thing about using these wedges is you can add anything you want. Here’s what I did: 6 laughing cow wedges (I used the plain low fat wedges but wouldn’t some of the flavored ones be good!) finely chopped tri colored baby bell peppers (use amount you desire – no set amount) finely chopped celery finely chopped onion finely chopped part of a carrot 1/4 tsp garlic pepper a pinch of cayenne pepper a pinch of salt Mix all together and taste – adjust any of the above to your liking. Serve with celery sticks, bell pepper wedges, or whatever you want to dip. Would be great as a spread on a sandwich also. Mine didn’t last very long as hubby liked it, also. What a versatile recipe. I may try the queso flavored wedges next and add some of my homemade taco seasoning mix – sounds yummy! Hope your July 4th was a great weekend! Have a great week.


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