What’s for Lunch?

Sister came to visit after a long hiatus.  She has been very busy and so have I.  We just haven’t gotten our schedules on the same track for a good visit.   We fed her lunch, of course.  She and I think alike on a few things, and lunch yesterday was one of them  We love to have “cold plates” which consist of a variety of crackers, cheeses, fruits, sliced tomatoes (locally grown and fresh, of course!), along with sliced meats.  

photo (44)

See that plate?   The variety of cheeses were so good.  And those tomatoes, oh my!   Farmer’s Market came through again.   They were so fresh and had so much flavor.  I took the picture before I got our “lemon cucumber” sliced and on the plate.  It is a type of cucumber that is yellow, round and looks like a lemon that has been zested and is so mild (doesn’t taste like a lemon) and no after effects either.   So good.  I will be back at the market this week looking for these again.

photo (45)

These were our choice of crackers (we went healthy and didn’t lose any flavor in doing so).  Use whatever choice you like.

For our sliced meats (of which I didn’t take a picture of)  hubby smoked a boneless turkey breast and a small boston butt.  We sliced these up and they needed no sauce.  Moist, and delicious.  What a good summer meal for the hot muggy days.   Sometimes for our meats we just use deli sliced meats and enjoy it just as well for a light lunch.  Oh. we also had a plate of deviled eggs.  Can’t have a “cold plated lunch’ without deviled eggs!

Try you a good “cold plate” sometime.   It sure hit the spot where we were concerned!  And dessert?   Why, cold sliced, seedless watermelon, of course.  Try to stay cool this week.


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