Football is almost here!

Are you getting excited?  I can’t believe summer is almost over but in reality it is.  But that only means one thing… and tailgate food.   The best of both worlds!  

To kick off football season this year,  I found two of the cutest door hangers for you Alabama and Auburn fans.  (sorry, Troy Trojan and Huntingdon Hawks fans like me that have a grandson at each one and this booth had neither!) 


How cute is this little elephant!    You Alabama fans can hang this on your door and yell Roll Tide all day long!


And for you Auburn fans, War Eagle!  This little paw print is just the thing you need.   

If you want a chance to win your cute door hanger, just leave a reply with your choice, either Auburn or Alabama – I will do a drawing for all Alabama replies and another drawing for all Auburn replies.  Posting of winners will be Wednesday, July 23rd.   Roll Tide, War Eagle, Go Trojans, and Go Hawks!  (that ought to cover them all).


15 responses

  1. The elephant is adorable & of course you know I can’t say anything except ROLL TIDE. 40 days until it begins. Can’t wait.

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