Pork Rinds and Puerto Rico

Who knew I would have to take a vacation to sunny Puerto Rico to find this little gem of a store right over in Atlanta, Georgia??   Each day hubby picked up the “local” news and happenings around the area of beautiful Puerto Rico (the food in itself is for another writing) and found Bacon Heir being reviewed?   Since he loves pork rinds to munch on (no carbs!) it naturally caught his eyes.  And I naturally thought of a wonderful little giveaway to “taste” these little beauties.   (not me…..you guys!)

Not only do they have three flavors, but they also have “pork dust” – now why didn’t I think of that?  Take this stuff and use it like panko bread crumbs and coat your chicken, pork, and cook away!  use it in a salad for a topping, the possibilities are endless.   I may add some other seasonings to it to “flavor it up a bit”.  You know me and seasonings!

Anyhooooo…   on to a great tasting give-a-way!   Hubby likes me to pick him up some “homemade” ones from the local farmers market and he likes to shake-shake-shake some hot sauce on his. He is getting a big surprise cause I ordered him some of these to try.  

Three winners will also be trying these, too.  



There are Pork Clouds – Habanero, Pork Clouds, Malabar Black pepper, and Pork Clouds, Rosemary & Sea Salt flavored.  


AND, you will also get some pork dust (pork rind bread crumbs to use your culinary skills in cooking with them!   

Want to try some?   Leave a comment and let me know what flavor you think you might like the best:   Three winners will be selected Wednesday, August 6th.   

Have a great week while I dream of sunny beaches, beautiful sunsets, and great food and days gone by from my recent vacation in beautiful Puerto Rico!


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