Pork Dust and Pork Clouds

OK – when I drew, or shall I say, random.org drew the winning numbers for the Pork Clouds and Pork dust bundle, I forgot to take pictures, so you will have to just trust me on this.   I seem to be a little busy getting stuff wrapped up from a Monday night board meeting, and being out Tuesday taking care of some appointments that you just can’t do when you are at work. That means today is catch-up day for me.  

So, without further hesitation, those who will get to try these unique flavors (I just can’t imagine) will be:

Drawn first:   #8 – Tibi – I hope you like these!  I will get yours to you.

Drawn second:  #3 – Theodorerex – I think I know someone who will deliver yours to you for me!

Drawn third:  # 4 – RichardC – I got to know how the Habanero is – so after you taste, leave us a comment.


And by the way, you can go to their website, Bacon Heir.com and find a store in your area that is “supposed” to sell these products.   If you live in Montgomery, AL, ours was a store out in Hampstead.   I have not been out there to see if they carry any or all of the flavors or the pork dust but if I am out that way, I will just have to run in and see.

Thanks! And don’t forget to come back and let us know how this stuff was!   Can’t wait to see if hubby likes them.


2 responses

  1. Ok Lynnie, since it was your big day yesterday, and knowing how much you like pork rinds, I will share with you:) And anyone else who enjoys deep fried pork skin and habanero! Whoa, can’t wait. Thanks Tella!!!

  2. Tella requested comments re the pork rinds and after testing/tasting each flavor (Habanero, rosemary/olive oil and black pepper) I am prepared to provide feedback. First, I was very surprised and happy to learn that I had won the “variety pack”, along with the pork crumbs to use as a coating/breading. I have not had the good fortune to try yet. As for the pork rinds, I have enjoyed the rosemary/olive oil flavor most. The others are very good, too. It’s hard to beat habanero flavored anything, and the black pepper is nice. Thanks for the generosity Tella! And a shout out to Bart for getting back on the low carb fare and the rest of getting to be the benefactors! Peace

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