A Give-a-way like no other

Shianne Mann has a heart for God.  She loves her classmates, she cares for others before herself.   If you saw the article recently either on WSFA or on line regarding Shianne, you already know the story.  But if you haven’t, here it is in short form.

Shianne saw a need, a need among her friends whose parents either couldn’t afford or wasn’t working and could not provide new backpacks (some were in such poor shape, according to Shianne, that they were barely able to hold the school supplies) for the new school year last year for her classmates.   During the summer, Shianne set out to make this happen.  She raised approximately $800 for this project through local businesses and her church and purchased 33 new backpacks for the kids at school for the new school year.  Her principal was surprised, to say the least.  Her mother was proud.  But no one is more proud of what she has done than her Lord and Savior.   She has a heart for God, and a heart for others.

The give-a-way?   This week’s giveaway goes to Shianne Mann, hands down.   Shianne, look for an envelope coming your way (by way of John Hann, a fellow employee of mine and a fellow church goer of yours and a delivery guy extraordinaire) with funds to kick off your new year of collections for “Backpacks for Shianne’s Project”!   You keep this starter envelope to add to your already beginning funds and keep on doing what you are doing….helping others!

I hope you all have a very blessed weekend!!!

Patsy, you have an extraordinary little girl there!  Congratulations!


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  1. I had not seen on news. What a testimony of love for others! And, you too for contributing to her next backpack supply!

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