Mississippi Roast and Pumpkins

What a great weekend!  Great football (well for some), great weather, and a to-do list done!  My kind of week-end.

I made a recipe for hubby that I have seen floating around all over pinterest and other places and decided this was the weekend.   I have not made him a good ole pot roast in forever.   And this one is so easy.  AND he loved it.  Win-win.  If you haven’t made this one, try it.   I can certainly attest, through hubby that it is one to make over and over.

Mississippi Roast

1 Chuck roast

1 pkg Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix

1 pkg McCormick Au Jus Mix

1 stick butter

5 whole pepperocini peppers

Place Chuck roast in crock pot and sprinkle with the ranch dressing mix, then the Au Jux mix.  Place the stick of butter (uncut) on top of the roast, and place the pepperocini peppers around the butter (if one or two slide off, don’t worry).

DO NOT ADD WATER.   Cook on low for 7-8 hours.  Enjoy!

Each time hubby has eaten his, he comments how good this is.   Can’t get any easier than this.

While we were out running errands, I picked up this:

pumpkin wreath

(photo courtesy of Small town Gifts-the one I took had too many shadows in it)

And since it is fall, I want to give it to one of you to decorate your door with.   If you want to be in the drawing for this gorgeous pumpkin, (I got it from “Small Town Girls Gifts” who has a FB page and you can see all the great stuff they have.  Not a sales pitch but just a great place to get some great gifts)  just leave a comment and tell us what you did on the past beautiful weekend!   A winner will be selected and posted Wednesday.


10 responses

  1. This weekend we drove to Maine for my nieces wedding it was a beautiful drive with the colors of the leaves changing fall is a beautiful time of yeAr

  2. On Saturday we had a going away party for my nephew who is moving to Billings, Montana to train roping horses!?!?!? Needless to say, he got many gifts of insulated undies. lol On Sunday, I was at good ol’ 19 South Jackson for our quarterly board meeting. Blah Blah Blah!

  3. We traveled to Ty’s football game at FSU. It was hot and sunny there…thank the Lord! I went south for the cold weekend…came back with a sunburned face 😉

  4. I went to my grandson’s soccer game. The weather was quite chilly Saturday morning. Worked at the Medical Association for the rest of my Saturday. Sunday was more of a restful day.

  5. Courtney Meade, daughter of my dear friend Debbie Kneller, came in from Charleston to walk with a friend in the “Buddy walk” for Downs Syndrome. Courtney spent the night and we caught up on what her kids, sisters and Mom had been doing. Saturday I took out my fall decorations, watched Wake Forest play (until my cable went out) and nursed a stomach virus. Sunday the virus continued …. I stayed close to the house (for the sake of an accident) and emptied all of the fall decorations out of the boxes and into the house. I plan to put up the decorations this week in the evenings before I head to Tella’s house for tailgating and football at Troy University to see Cody play!!

  6. Not to much my sister is sick now and is in Baptist south was down on sat at er with her and her family and sunday she is some better now.

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