Shaved chicken breast? You don’t say!

I found this at the grocery store (well, commissary)….


And I knew we could make SOMETHING out of it.  I also found shaved beef there.   And I knew we could make SOMETHING out of it, too.  And boy, did we!

This stuff is great!  It is uncooked chicken breast shaved thin and piled high for your imagination to run wild.  I told hubby to take some onions, bell peppers, and sautee with a bit of salt and pepper and about a Tsp of olive oil.  Remove them from the skillet.  Throw in the shaved chicken and some taco seasoning mix with a bit more olive oil and get that going.  It only takes a short minute or two to cook as it is shaved!   We served this over our salad for a taco salad with some salsa.  Man, was it good.  Hubby did his the same way but wants to make his as a philly cheese steak next time.

I had leftovers.  That means taco soup!   Throw the leftover chicken in a pot.  Throw some crushed tomatoes in the pot (or diced tomatoes if you want).  Throw some more taco seasoning mix in the pot.  (I like heat!).  Throw whatever vegetable in the pot – either some black beans, corn, whatever.  I threw some frozen okra in mine.  Man, was it good.  Let it simmer for a few minutes and have at it.

I hope I can find some more because we really enjoyed this.   If your supermarket doesn’t carry this, make them order it.   And go to the website for some great recipes.  But you can make your own up.  A great item for hoagies.

ALERT:   A give-a-way in relation to cooler weather is coming Thursday…….get your soup recipes ready!


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