Football, Christmas, Pickles

Say what?  Last night’s FSU and Louisville game was crazy!  We didn’t see it but followed the score.  We were happy at halftime (sorry all you FSU fans) – by the end of the third quarter we were not.   And into the 4th quarter, we went to bed.   We’re old.  That’s how we roll.   So we were hoping that the Cardinals would pull it out, but alas, they did not.   For you FSU fans, congrats.   For you non-FSU fans who root for whoever is playing FSU, sorry.

On another note, Hallmark kicks off their Christmas movies tonight!  I am beside myself.  It means I get theTV controls…..well, sometimes.   Mainly on Saturday night (unless there is a football game on and then I am sent to another room) and Sunday night to watch my beloved Christmas movies.   It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed!   Yes, I know it is Halloween tonight.   Yes, I know Thanksgiving is just around the corner,  But if this doesn’t put you in the mood, make you thankful for everything and everybody, and thankful for the real reason for the season, nothing will!   So bring it on, Hallmark!

Now, on to the pickles.   Of which I do not eat many of them – not to say my family doesn’t love them!   And on another line of thinking, have you ever been “in a pickle?”  Of course, you have!    Well then you just need to pick up your handy dandy little “pickle” and get just what you need and carry on!

All my girls have one and love their “pickle”, a handy little carrier of an assortment that they have found they now can’t be without.  This little container carries some of the following inside a beautiful clutch (or camo pack for guys) in handy separate see-through little pouches nicely tucked away for your every need (and those of your family:

  • 1 hand sanitizer pen
  • 1 spot remover pen
  • 3 individually wrapped antibacterial wipes
  • 1 credit card size mirror and floss combo
  • 1 pair of tweezers
  • 1 pair of fingernail clippers
  • 2 emery boards
  • 1 travel size sewing kit
  • 1 retractable mini scissors
  • 1 24″ tailor tape
  • 3 hair bands
  • 5 rubber bands
  • 5 bobby pins
  • 5 safety pins
  • 5 paper clips
  • 1 phillips head mini screw driver
  • 1 straight head mini screw driver
  • 1 mini pen
  • 1 “In A Pikle” sticky notepad
  • 10 adhesive bandages
  • 1 package travel tissues
  • 1 pill box

And you can personalize to your likes and needs! Just replace as you use the items.

Here’s a photo of one opened up with the items in their neat little compartments:


Today, because it is Halloween, AND mainly because Hallmark is my best friend for the next two months, I am giving away three of these cuties:

Dill Pickle in Red Floral:


Bread and Butter Pickle in Cocoa:


And I am giving one away especially for the men:

The Gherkin Pickle in Camo- it has a special backpack/belt loop clip – they can take it hunting/hiking or just put in their truck:


If you want a chance to win one of these three “Pickles” just leave me a comment and tell me what your plans are for the weekend – the weather is going to be nice and cool and crisp!  Let’s enjoy it!   Winners will be announced Tuesday, Nov 4th.

Oh – and if you want to go and read up on these jewels and see all that the company has to offer, just go to – you will love the site!  Have fun looking!


15 responses

  1. Because our dog goes berserk when the door bell rings, Vic and I will sit on the front porch and play board games in between passing out candy to trick-or-treators. I’m betting that tonight we’ll wish we had a fire going.

  2. Plans for this weekend is watching my grandson Danny play his last baseball game for the year then coming home to some pulled pork…….. Yummy

  3. ok you almost lost me at pickle! Then I read the ingredients and thought you were making a special recipe that would kill someone with hand sanitizer…because I am still thinking you are making pickles!! So after I read a little more I realized this is a purse thing, super cute!! I will be at a holiday market this weekend and hoping kids arent destroying the house from too much candy LOL!!

  4. I plan on making a big pot of chili, going to the grandsons football games, cleaning stalls in my barn and maybe a bit of house cleaning!! Wow, I sound like Super Girl!!

  5. I’m new to your blog, but I can already tell that you make me want to be a better cook.
    My weekend begins bright and early on Saturday morning with a delicious breakfast with the wonderful ladies at our church. Next, I’m off to Wetumpka to watch my beautiful granddaughter (can you tell I’m partial?) compete in the Christmas on the Coosa Pageant. Then, I will return home where there are 8 very LARGE bags of pine straw that must be put in my flower beds before dark. On another note, I am right there with you on the Hallmark Christmas movies. There’s nothing that gets me more in the spirit of Christmas giving/goodwill than Hallmark Christmas movies!

  6. My parents are in town this weekend. So we will be spending time with them. We also have all six kids at home this weekend which always makes for the best times!

  7. My plans this weekend… my mom & I are going to Calif to visit with Alissa & family. Noah turns 3 this month!

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  8. Went to the Pike Road Arts and Crafts Festival . . . it was great, but windy and drew quite the crowd! Still it was my daughter’s fave activity of the weekend (with the exception of the night before . . . Boo!)!

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