Grated Orange Peel

If you live near Montgomery/Wetumpka/Prattville/Tallassee/Eclectic, Alabama you should visit Oakview Grainery off Redland Road, which runs off Highway 231, North.  You know just where it is, right???

Anyhoo…… they have some pretty good stuff… In the summer their butter lettuce is the bomb.   So is anything else they grow.  You can pick your own blueberries or strawberries when in season …. or not.  They pick for you for a bit more per basket.

But what they also have are those wonderful stone-ground grits.  And what else they have are the best mixed oatmeal you will ever get.   Now it takes a bit longer to cook (8-10 minutes) but it is well worth it.

So this morning, hubby and I had some of Oakview Grainery Oatmeal.    To jazz them up a bit i threw in a bit of half and half (mine was fat free) to make them oh so creamy.  I put in a tsp of butter (had to make sure I had my daily allowance of fat) and to sweeten them a bit I used the Splenda brown sugar.   Hubby loves his raisins so I threw in a couple of tablespoons of those, too.

But don’t miss this part.   This took them to the next level.  I had an orange I planned on slicing for our morning fruit – before slicing, I zested the orange and threw the zest in to the oatmeal…..OH MY…. I shall never eat oatmeal without it again.   Just the zest of one orange took it to another level and one I do not want to be without again!   I’m tell you, folks, try it.  You don’t know what you are missing.   Hubby loved it.  And about the only thing he loves is raisins!  But he really liked this.

Orange zest – the next best thing to pecan pie!   Happy Wednesday!


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  1. You know my father~in~law eats lemons and oranges like Apples. He says that the peeling is the best part….lol…I always just like at him like he is crazy but I do love him.

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