Hunting and cooking go together, yes they do!

I know there are those of us (which includes me) that do not eat the fruits of the labor of our hunter husbands/sons/brothers/cousins/friends/ and those we don’t even know.  But brother, if you are a hunter, you love to hunt.  And if you love to hunt, hunting season is upon us, ladies!   So get ready to lose your man to the woods.

I have a quick little give-a-way that will please both hunter and cook.

For the hunter, I have a SOG Folding Knife Fielder –

IMG_1163 (3)

The fielder knife is one that can be used as an everyday carry or in the wild.  it has a SOG sharp blade, classic hardwood handle, high luster bolsters (whatever the heck that is) and low carry pocket clip (I do know what a pocket clip is!).  And if your menfolk are anything like my menfolk, any knife is a good knife!  My men peeps love collecting knives.

And for the cook, I found these measuring spoons -not just any old measuring spoon, ladies!

IMG_1148 (3)

These are solid beechwood, etched design, won’t fade and hand washing is definitely recommended on this item (sorry, but most any wooded spoon/product should be hand washed..(GAA!  I hope you aren’t putting your wooden spoons you cook with in the dishwasher!  Whew,  I didn’t think so!) Aren’t they just the cutest things??!!   I have several sets of measuring spoons, and believe me, when I am cooking/baking, I usually have two or three sets out and am using all of them – I mean, who wants to put a tablespoon you just used for a wet ingredient in a dry ingredient and get the dry ingredient all wet??  Geez!   Anyhooo…. I definitely probably have the most items to wash after baking/cooking than anyone!

If you want a chance to win one of these, just leave me a comment saying you would rather have either the knife for your hubby/brother, or yourself etc., or you want to choose the measuring spoons.   I will draw a winner for each product on Friday.  Have a wonderful rest of the week!


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  1. I know that it will come as a shocker to many, but I would have to go with the knife. My husband is in the woods constantly (for the time being) and the knife would come in handy for sure!!!

  2. Hmm, Christmas gift for Brian..the knife. The spoons for either Alissa or even myself! So, could use & enjoy either. 

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