drum roll……

I’m an airhead…..I will admit.   I didn’t take pictures of the random.org draw so I will go into length on how I would select a winner since we had replys for (1) those who selected the knife, (2) those who selected the spoons and (3) those who would take either/or.   It’s a wild card game, here folks!  And one you probably could care less about the methodology – you just want to know who was drawn!  Anyway, I like you to know all is on the up and up!

I made three lists – one for those who selected the knife, one for those who selected the spoons, and one who selected either.

Then random.org selected two winners.

First winner drawn:

#5- John – he is on the “measuring spoons list” – so congrats John – i do believe you said you would give these to your wife!  Make sure you do! Santa is watching, you know!

so far so good!

The next winner that random.org drew was –

#15 – Sarah – she was on the knife list – so – she also commented, I believe she will give it to “Jonathan” — so let’s see if both of these do what they said they were going to do!

Congratulations to both of the winners.

Stay tuned – Thanksgiving is just around the corner! And there’s another wonderful Holiday just after that.  teeheehee

Have a wonderful football-filled weekend, folks.


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