It’s Black Friday Y’all!

At least it is here….so get ready for a “Black Friday Giveaway” and look – you don’t even have to fight the crowds!

Look at this color…..Blueberry


and this one….Teal


and how about this…Green – I call it Granny Smith Apple Green!


I couldn’t resist these colors and when I saw these Martha Stewart 6 quart round  cast iron enameled dutch ovens, I just , well, I just couldn’t pass these up.   Braise, saute, brown, make soups, just go to town in cooking in these!   Remember to always use your wooden utensils on enameled cookware and don’t wash in the dishwasher (cast iron underneath!) but don’t worry, as these clean up beautifully.  I love mine and use it continuously.   My saying…you can’t have too many dutch ovens.  And never in too many colors.

Want to win one on my Black Friday specials for the Holidays?   Just leave a comment and tell me what your weekend plans are.   Have a football game to go to?   Chilling at the house?   Doing last minute cleaning?  What about a bit of Christmas Shopping?   Good Luck and have a wonderful weekend!   Three winners will be announced Monday.


23 responses

  1. Since I’ll be going to my Sister’s for Thanksgiving, Tracy and I are taking down the Fall/ Thanksgiving decorations and putting Christmas up! Yeah….I love Christmas!! I also hope to get to squeeze a Hockey game in to the weekend also!!!

  2. First of all, your generosity is inspiring.

    My weekend plans (or “to do” list) include: cleaning the carpet and the kitchen, AND helping my husband sort through the most recent storage unit contents he bought at auction. 🙂

  3. I just found out that I will have additional Thanksgiving guests who will be staying with us, so I plan to do a little of additional cleaning, shop for the rest of my Thanksgiving meal and on the rainy Sunday I will put on a pot of vegetable soup and download a good book to the iPad!!! I guess I could go ahead and make the dressing and put it in the freezer, but I don’t want to over tax myself!!! lol lol

  4. Oh..I really need one of these! This weekend we will be cleaning and (dare I say it) putting up Christmas decor before we leave to spend thanksgiving break in Charleston and Myrtle beach.

  5. Well, my weekend began at 6 a.m. this morning in Birmingham at the Wynfrey with our 3-day Medical Ethics/Prescribing meeting. I may get time late Sunday afternoon to put my feet up and catch up on my recorded TV shows (keeping my fingers crossed on that one). But….my Thanksgiving vacation begins on Monday, so I’m more excited about those plans than I am my weekend plans. lol

  6. My weekend plans consist of work, work and more work! I’m in Birmingham with the Education Department lending a helping hand with their Prescribing Course. It isn’t all bad since my new hubby will be driving up to Birmingham to join me this evening through Sunday. On Sunday, I’ll be preparing for a trip to South Carolina to see my little brother graduate Army BCT! Thank you, Teri, for all that you do.

  7. Saturday will consist of working on the insurance at MASA; but Sunday is a free day. I will rest, rest and rest after church:) Just a three day week next week. Whoo!

  8. Looking forward to getting Christmas decorations out of the attic! Family won’t let me put them up until after Thanksgiving, but at least I’ll be ready!

  9. We will be hanging around the house getting it ready for the holidays, enjoying time with the hubby and kids and of course watching the Georgia game!

  10. Well this weekend myself and my siblings are at our grandparents house helping them get their last minute cleaning and decorating done before Thanksgiving. Our nanny loves christmas so those decorations are already out Lol.

  11. I’m having all my grandkids over for the weekend I’m giving my daughter-in-law Breonna a break because she is due any day now with my sixth grandchild. Looking forward to lots of popcorn and movies

  12. Those are very nice. Don’t really need a Dutch oven since I have quit cooking. Lol. Charleen is visiting & we are going Christmas shopping & planning to watch the Bama game. Then I will try to beat her at some game. Hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Give Bart a hug for me.

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