Naturebox and all the good things to munch

Have you heard of Naturebox? I have had friends tell me that their munchie healthy snacks are the bomb! The flavors, the quality, are the best. So today, because it is Friday and because I am a newly retired person loving every day of this, I am giving two people to try these wonderful products.

Each of the two winners selected will receive a 5-month subscription to Naturebox which means once you receive your e-gift card from me you will get to go to their site and customize your box to your preference and dietary needs. In the meantime, go to and have a look around. Read all about it!

When you are through, come back and leave a comment and tell me what you think would be your favorite snack you would like to try. Two winners will be selected Monday. Have a wonderful weekend and get out and enjoy this beautiful weather!


12 responses

  1. There are some really awesome snacks in there I would have a hard time choosing they all look so good but I always go for the nuts

  2. Oh there are to many to choice from…… I think I would like the Country Ranch Sunflower Kernels, Lemon Tea Biscuits, strawberry Carrot Fruit Chews, orange Apple Fruit Chews, and the Big Island Pineapple. Well, let me just be honest anything fruit, seeds or nuts would be fine with me.

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