A beautiful day in NYC

We just got back from New York City. We had a wonderful few days there and saw so much. Our feet can attest to that – we walked about 10 miles one day in order to see it all. and 10 miles doesn’t see a lot in NYC! If you have been you know what I am talking about! We did take the horse drawn carriage ride through Central Park. We have pictures! I won’t bore you with them but I will show this lovely tree – I have a thing about lovely trees…..
central park

I snapped this one of the flowers which were blooming all throughout the park. It was so pretty everywhere. Just cool enough to be enjoyable. Hubby got his long awaited HUGE Hot pastrami from Carnegie Deli (go to their website to see a picture of how huge it is!) and he said it was the best he had ever had. We also saw the play “Lion King” (my second time to see it in NYC) and loved it (again!).

We found a shopping market (we walked to it, too) in Chelsea – Chelsea Market – that was an old warehouse turned shops that was a great place to walk around and shop – it was the best! It had the neatest market with the most variety of fresh mushrooms I have ever seen in my entire life in one location. If I were living nearby, I would go broke in that market. It had a kitchen store that I just walked around in and swooned. It had one of my favorite places, Fat Witch Bakery, there, too. I was a good girl and didn’t eat any brownies, though. 😦

But what I did do, was bring back some good stuff to give you folks! Yep! So here’s the dirt:

From the neat kitchen store that hubby had to drag me out of there, I brought back two aprons to give to two people and I even got them in Alabama and Auburn colors, because, after all, the South is all about football!
orange apron

red apron

And I also brought back a set of Fat Witch Bakery cookbooks! Yep! “Fat Witch Brownies” and the newest one, “Fat Witch Bake Sale” so you can make those incredibly delicious brownies. They are easy and delicious.
So if you want a chance to win one of the three items in this give-a-way, just shout out which one you want to be in the running for: Alabama apron, Auburn apron, or the brownie cookbooks. I will decipher to the best of my ability Monday and select winners for each.

Have a great weekend and stay dry.


17 responses

  1. Sis, you know how I am about reading cookbooks – they are like novels to me! Put my name in the hat for one of those and if I can be so picky, I’d like the Fat Witch Bake Sale!

  2. Since I have a good friend who is an Alabama fan, and I would like to give the apron as a gift . . . I have to say ‘Roll Tide’! Oh, I cannot believe I could actually type such . . . my fingers are burning! LOL

  3. Wow Tella, your retirement just keeps getting better & better!!!  So happy for you. I would LOVE the Auburn apron, it would make a wonderful gift for my sweet daughter!

  4. The girls and I have been to Chelsea Market, too. It also houses the Food Network headquarters and studios. I know you had a great time! I like the cookbooks.

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