Father’s Day is coming!

Father’s Day just doesn’t get the recognition that Mother’s Day does.  Never has.  So to help that little issue along, I am here to help you make that day special for that dad in your life, or maybe help your child get Daddy something just for him.  Maybe even a brother, or just someone who has meant a lot to you if your father is no longer with you.

Urban Accents.  Need I say more?   It’s summer, its grilling time, and this on line store has got it all.  From Brining Kits to Fall Roasting Glazing Kits, to Popcorn Sprinkling Kits, to Seasoning Rub Kits, well, and I can’t miss mentioning this:


While I won’t be making the margarita, I will be making the lemonade with a kick! Oh my!  And don’t overlook the directions of some of these products.  The frittata mix alone has other uses.   Geez!  I will have to buy two of everything!!!

And look at this!


GAH!  Salted Caramel French Toast Drizzle.  How can I NOT try this!   What a variety they have.   An order from me goes in today.

Want a chance to win a $50.00 e-gift card for someone special you know?   Just go to https://www.urbanaccents.com/  and come back and shout out what you want to try first.   My list is long.  My list will take me a month to cook through.

Two winners will be announced Friday so get shopping for a favorite of yours!  Happy cooking!


12 responses

  1. My first choice would be the GRILL MASTER complete grilling collection gift set. There’s nothing like Summertime Grilling!

  2. The grill master complete grilling collection would be my choice! Actually any of the grilling rubs would be great.

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