Mexican Chicken

I know, I know – I said the Mexican dishes were through.  But I made this today and wanted to share.  Easy, easy and so delicious and so versatile?  Eat straight out of the dish with a side of the yellow rice and black beans.  Serve on nachos.  Put in a taco.  Or make a quesadilla out of this. What about on a baked potato? The possibilities are endless!

Here’s how I made ours.

I took three skinless boneless chicken breasts cause that was the number that was in the package (rinsed off first, cause that’s how I am), threw them in a bowl.  Took about two to three tablespoons of oil to coat them (this will depend on how big yours are) and then sprinkled on a whole packet of taco seasoning mix (mild or hot-you choose) and rub seasoning in.  Lay these on a pan lined with foil (you will thank me later) and sprinkle with a bit of salt.  Bake in oven for about 20 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 375 degrees.   You can grill these if you want.   Adds another level of flavor.

chicken one

Here’s mine after baking – a good looking crust on these and man were they juicy.   Cut into chunks and throw the chunks in a casserole dish – I think mine is a 9 inch or close to it. Here are mine all cut up in the dish.

chicken two

Then I added about 2/3 of the 8-oz. jar of Taco Bell Taco Sauce – medium heat – not sure if hubby could eat much of the “hot” level!.  You can use enchilada sauce in place of the taco sauce if you prefer. Then add a sprinkle, about 4 ounces, again depends on how much chicken you use, over the top and bake about 15-20 minutes, or until cheese is melted hot.  Top with chopped green onions.  I used one green onion, chopped.

chicken three

Doesn’t this look good?   And I have to tell you, it was!  Make this and see how you serve yours up!  Have a great week!

Coming down the pike…Steak and Egg Breakfast Casserole.  You won’t want to miss this one.


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