I’m back! Along with a Great Alabama Giveaway!

I haven’t been sick or missing.  We went on a trip – a wonderful time in Colonial Williamsburg!  What history!  Now if I had just studied in school! HA!.  Really, if you have never been, you should plan a trip.  The Historical Triangle is something to be seen.  We also went to the Military Transportation Museum along with the Mariner’s Museum.  Great times and memories.

And since there were only three people that commented on the Pioneer Woman’s new line of kitchen ware, guess what??!!  ALL THREE CAN EXPECT A SURPRISE COMING SOON TO THEM! That would be Disney World Diva, grandmaappleton, and ChristiL! Thanks for commenting and thanks for reading and following! I will do a giveaway later in the year again on her items that are just heartwarming.

Now for this giveaway…. Alabama hails to have some pretty good eats – from BBQ to BBQ sauce to cheese biscuits to peanuts (go Birmingham – if you have never been to downtown Birmingham and smelled those peanuts roasting, you are missing out).

So… I am giving away two packages that contain…


It will contain a little of all Alabama has to offer – Jim & Nick’s biscuit mix, Birmingham’s peanuts, Wickles, Saw’s Sauce, Gibson’s Alabama White Sauce, well, you get the picture!  a bit of Alabama history!

Want a chance to win one of two packages of the above?   Just leave a comment and tell us your favorite BBQ joint in Alabama!   Two winners will be selected Friday.  Thanks everyone!


17 responses

  1. Sorry I missed the other giveaway, I was on vacation in Savannah. I have been to Colonial Williamsburg too when my children were young, and you are correct, it’s a wonderful place to visit. 🙂

    My #1 favorite BBQ place would have to be the original Dreamland in Tuscaloosa. The sign by the door says, “Don’t sell slaw or beans, Don’t ask.” They only sell BBQ and white bread. My #2 is Fat Boys BBQ in Prattville.

  2. My favorite BBQ joint in Alabama is just up the road from my house. It is Cotton’s BBQ in Eclectic. They put their sauce on their cheeseburgers, and it is amazing.

  3. Well, prior to the late 1990’s, it was Ollie’s in Birmingham, but following their closure, I would have to say Saw’s BBQ in Birmingham! Thank you very much, and have a great Tuesday!

  4. David’s favorite is Sam’s here in Monkeytown but I think I like Fat Boys and Jim & Nicks best. Of course whatever Bart Dingler puts on the grill is going to be the best!!

  5. Been a long time fan of Sam’s BBQ in Montgomery…but, oh, those cheese biscuits from Jim N Nicks!!!! And I must agree, Big Bob’s is pretty awesome, too!

  6. I like Moose in Eclectic Alabama. My all time favorite was Old South Bar-Q also in Eclectic but they closed down sometime back. I am a little funny went it comes to Barbara sauce, I like it to have a little kick but most of all I want to taste more then Tomato base.

  7. My all time favorite has to be Bart’s BBQ located at the Dingler Dinner, but sometimes it’s hard to catch them since they travel so much!!! So, a little closer to home I would pick Rock’s BBQ in Prattville.

  8. I’m still searching for a “favorite” BBQ in Alabama (to me Kentucky has the best!) but I will say Hog Rock in Wetumpka because they have the best onion rings I’ve ever tasted.

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